How to Get an Abs Like David Beckham?

Currently the most famous soccer player David Beckham has risen to the fame not only for the way he bends the ball in the field, but also for his ripped and solid looking abs that makes every girl go weak in the knees. The blazing personality, sexy looks and muscular hot bod of the soccer star has undoubtedly made young guys to covet for a perfect torso. Here are some tips how to get an abs like David Beckham, the soccer icon.

The training sessions:

David Beckham’s well toned abs is the result of three essential components; strength training, cardio training, and proper diet. To build the lithe and lean appearance without having bulky muscles like Beckham you need to focus more on compound training than bodybuilding. Compound exercises involve squats, bench presses, shoulder presses, dead-lift, standing barbell curls.

To increase the body endurance and energy this process is very effective. You can lift lighter weights with higher reps. Cardio fitness training can be supplemented with cycling and running. The main training centers round the particular circuit training routine.

You can include the plyometric training and old school circuit training such as skipping, squats thrusts, jumping jacks, push ups, core workouts, shuttle runs and jogging forwards and backwards. Also, flexibility training is complemented by stretches before and after exercises.

Clearly, rigorous and discipline training have helped Beckham be the face of some of the world famous health and fitness products.

The importance of diet:

For being a professional soccer player David requires athleticism, strength and skills to prevent injuries and of course perform well on the pitch. Therefore, the flexibility and strengthening of the joints are very important. Here the diet plays a key role. With proper carbohydrates and protein, one needs to zero in on the intake of glucosamine, cod liver and various vitamins and minerals.

To have an abs like David Beckham, one must ensure that the metabolism is fast to burn the fats quickly. Thus, fat will remain minimum. For that you should eat lots of leafy vegetables, fish, lean meat, poultry and lots of water. And to keep the fats off, avoid sugary foods, bread, cakes, flours, pasta. But before taking any steps, consult an expert first.

By following these tips you are surely to get an abs of Posh Hubby.

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