How To Get Smaller Breasts

Female bust is always an object of desire for men. A common conception of attractive female body is to have big breasts. However, the fashion-conscious generation of women are now concentrating more on the suitable cup size rather than going for the ‘big-thing.

In fact, the top -most models and many other high profile female celebrities pose a decent breast size, which is not so big. It is a misconception that men find women with big bust very attractive. Rather, smaller breasts with right proportion look amazingly attractive and give reasons for male fantasy.

How To Get Smaller Breasts

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If you have big breasts and you are not feeling comfortable with it, then you should take some actions to make them smaller. There is no need to feel uncomfortable with the “over-blessed” assets.

Some Tips To Get Smaller Breasts

Know The Exact Calorie Requirement For Your Body

Know the number of calories your body needs and prepare your diet exactly in that way. The calorie count in your food must be less than the amount you burn everyday because the fat content in breasts is huge. This will help you to lower the fat content in your breasts and the size will reduce also.

Some Easy Exercises To Get Smaller Breasts

One of the easiest exercises to get smaller breasts is palm pressing. Raise your palms in front of your breast and join them. Press the breasts with palms against each other tightly for around five seconds. You need to conduct this exercise for some eight to ten times.

Stand tall facing the wall and lean against it by using your hands for support. Now press the wall with all your power for ten seconds. Get into normal position and relax. Again, get back to the exercise and repeat till you finish ten sets.

Get Smaller Breasts

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Having right posture is essential to have small bust. To make your posture and to tone your body in the right proportion, one of the easiest exercises is to walk with a thick book on your head. Yes, you have read it right. Take a book that is quite thick, but comfortable for walking with it on your head for a while.

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Think as if you are walking with a crown on your head and it will help your muscles to relax and provide them with the right working tone. You can also stand with the book on your head for a few minutes, but make sure that you stand straight.

Wear Bra Of Good Quality

Do not wear those cheap bras, rather invest in good quality products. The bra that you wear must focus on lifting your breasts and do away with your padded ones.

How To Get Smaller Breasts

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Breast Reduction Surgery

Another alternative to reduce breast size is to conduct surgery for breast reduction. However, it is important that you make proper research on the doctor and the clinic where the surgery will take place. It is advised to try out proper diet and exercises for sometimes. If it does not work then consult a professional to proceed with surgery method.