How To Get Smokey Eyes At Home

Smokey eyes are a classic, a makeup trick that every woman should own. So do not be overwhelmed if you decide to get it done at home. It can be easy once you get hold of the technique. A few make up regulars like concealer, eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, highlighter pencil and Indian kohl
will be required to get the perfect smokey eyes at home.

Step 1:

Apply concealer carefully if you have dark circles. Be careful when you select a concealer. It should not be too dark or too light for your skin tone. The shade should be perfect to blend beautifully into your skin tone. Also apply concealer to hide freckles or blemishes on your skin.

Step 2:

Now apply a base shadow to your eyelid in deep sweeping motions. You can apply any beige or neutral shades of color to make your makeup stand out.

Step 3:

Apply eyeliner to your upper lid and Indian kohl or kajal to the lower rim to make your eyes appear dramatic. Kohl helps accentuate your eyes.

Step 4:

Now use the color of shadow you want to get the smokey look with. You can be experimental and use purple or any other color of your choice. Or you can stick to the safe black smokey look. Use the lighter shade of the colour on the lid and the inner corner of the eye.

Now use a darker shade on the outer side of the eye lid and the socket crease. Now blend the two shades into one another using your thumb. The look should be natural and the blending should look smooth. So work deftly.

Step 5:

Now use a highlighter pencil over your eyebrows to accentuate it and to complete the look. It will give your eyebrows a sheen to make you look glamorous.

Step 6:

Use a lash curler to curl your lashes. Now give the final touch by adding a dash of mascara to both your upper and lower lid
Make sure that you have simple make up on the rest of your face.

Loud lips will clash with your smokey eyes. So keep it simple on the lips. You can sweep your hair back neatly to bring attention to your eyes and you will easily attract the attention of admirers!