How To Let Your Silver Jewelry Last Long

Silver jewelry was always popular for its affordability, elegance and versatility and has become the ideal accessory to go with fashionable modern attire. You can make both trendy and classical designs with silver. That is why it has become very popular among young people. Every shopping session might add a piece or two to the collection.

Unfortunately silver is a soft and fragile metal which get tarnished and scratched easily. It needs more care than even gold ornaments. But you can easily keep your favorite silver ornaments as good as new by simply following these tips on taking care of your jewelry.

With time silver jewelry gets tarnished or turns black due to oxidation reaction with sulfur and oxygen. Wear your silver jewelry as much as possible because wearing slows down the oxidation process and maintain the shine of the ornament.

Do not keep your silver ornaments under lock and key for a long time. You can use small zip lock plastic bags for storing and use small pieces of anti-tarnishing paper to stop tarnishing.  You can get them at any craft or hardware shop.

Silver is a very soft metal and it gets scratched easily. So do not keep you silver ornaments mixed up in a box with other ornaments. Keep them separately in different containers. Do not forget to use those boxes that are lined with a tarnish-free material.

To maintain the shine as long as possible, after every wear, wash your ornaments with plain water to remove sweat and the chemical you wear in your makeup. Wear your jewelry last after completing all types of make up and wearing perfume to reduce the impact of chemicals.

Clean Silver jewelry

Do not forget to remove your silver ornaments before jumping in the sea or swimming pool or even indulging in a mineral spa. Silver gets very black on contact of salt, chlorine, ammonia and minerals. To clean your silver jewelry, avoid using the harsh chemicals available in the market. Instead it is better to use phosphate free detergent for the purpose.

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You might be using your ordinary tooth paste for cleaning purpose as it is a popular method. But even the finest of the toothpastes clean by abrasive action and there may be a chance of scratching. So the modern day silver experts are advising against it. You can use professional jewelry polishing cloth if you are in hurry.