How To Look Fabulous In 40

Sometimes women become depressed as they grow old. They think that they are becoming less attractive and less beautiful as they grow old. But it is wrong. Every age has its own beauty. With age we become more seasoned and personality grows with age.

Confidence and knowledge also develops with time and it reflects on our appearance. At the age of 40 you may not have that petal soft skin that you had in your twenties but use that personality and grace that you have earned so long to do your fashion.

The first thing to look fabulous at the age of 40 is that you have to accept that you are 40 years old now. Do not imitate a 20 years young lady.  The attire and make up that is most suitable for a 20 or 25 year old women may look horrible on you. So dress and makeup according to your age.

The first thing you have to do is to change the fashion of the hair. The hair began to thin with age. So it is better to keep your hair short to add some extra volume in it. Layers perhaps the most suitable hair style that suits most of the women at the age of 40. Our hair also starts to grey at this age. If you want to use hair color, choose that one that goes best with your skin tone.

As far as your attire concern wear neither skin tight nor baggy type dress. It is better to avoid sleeveless attire because the skin of the hand remains no more soft and supple and there may be sags. Same thing is about the leg. Do not wear mini skirt or short length skirt and pant.

Wear at least knee length pants and full length pants and jeans. Be concern about the color of the dresses. Try lighter colors like beige, white, custard yellow, ice blue, peach etc. These colors give a soft look and reflect light on your face. You may wear dark color but be careful that near to your face the color of the dress is light. Wear bold jewelries because it suits only when you age and personality grows. Stand straight, sit in right posture and keep your chin up. You will look fabulous and will draw everyone’s attention and praise.