How to Look Refreshed in Summer

Who does not want to look refreshed in this sweltering and scorching heat of the summer? It is a natural human psychology that they always want to be the cause of others’ jealousy. Basing on this psychology every one wants to be refreshed like flowers in this hot season.  But for looking refreshed and beautiful it is better if you can start grooming yourself a few months before summer. All you need is a little bit initiative and body care.

The first step of being refreshed is to give a finer touch to your appearance. Get a manicure and pedicure because there is nothing horrible than staring at toes that are dried out with long toenails. Provide proper care so that both your hands and feet look beautiful.

Get rid of dry scaly skin on the bottom of your feet and toes. Get a summer hair cut. Give a shape to your hair. Either carry a short well-shaped style or tie your hair neatly. An untrimmed and untidy hairstyle only increase discomfort in summer.

People in summer generally like to wear short length clothes with short sleeves or without sleeves. So do not forget to shave your armpit. If you want to keep your legs bare, give a shave to your legs too. Do not forget to shave your back if you want to wear backless top. This reminder is of course for those who have excessive hairy legs and backs. Keep your eyebrows well trimmed too.

Take at least three showers a day to get rid of excess body heat. Always use mild soap to wash your skin. It is better to use liquid soap than the solid bars. After wash do not forget to wear skin nourishment lotion. Otherwise your skin will become dry and dull. You may use talcum powder to protect yourself from excessive oil and sweating.

Stop drinking soda, alcohol, coffee or any type of artificial drink. Instead drink simple, plain water to keep your skin hydrated and beautiful. Eat fresh fruits, vegetables, curd and less spicy food during this time. Wear cotton garments. Be cautious before choosing the color of the garments. Light color is more soothing to wear in summer.

Follow these simple tips and you will feel and stay refreshed during summer.