How To Make A Chocolate Truffle Body Scrub

Body scrubs are a favourite of all women. Not only do they help with body exfoliation but also help improve blood circulation making the skin glow. No woman can resist the secret temptation of chocolates. Imagine if your body gets to indulge in the luxurious taste of chocolate as well.

And you don’t even need to visit a spa to give your body a nice chocolate truffle body scrubbing. You can pamper your body at home and with minimal expense. Next time you prepare a batch of chocolate truffle don’t count the calories. Instead of your taste buds let your body glow in the warmth of rich chocolate. The silky and luscious feel of chocolate on your skin will take the definition of pleasure to a higher place.

To give yourself this heavenly treat you will need 20 gm unsweetened cocoa powder, 30 gm cocoa butter, 1 cup brown sugar, 2 small pieces of unscented glycerin soap, 90 ml almond oil, 10 ml vanilla essence, 30 ml olive oil, 5 drops of avocado oil and 2 capsules of Vitamin E.

In a large mixing bowl combine glycerin soap, vanilla essence, almond oil, avocado oil and brown sugar. Mix well.

To this mixture add olive oil, cocoa powder, avocado oil and oil from Vitamin E capsules.

Melt cocoa butter in a microwave for few seconds. Take care to keep checking the consistency of the melting butter in the microwave. The melted cocoa butter should be in molten state and not liquid.

Add the melted butter to the mixture of other ingredients. Stir in the melted butter into the mixture well.

Your chocolate truffle body scrub is ready. The body scrub is not only packed with antioxidant properties of cocoa but also has the goodness of avocado, Vitamin E, almond and olive in it. All the oils combined together work to make the body soft and moist keeping it hydrated throughout.

Wet yourself under the shower and massage the chocolate truffle body scrub all over in gentle circular movements. use only the tip of your fingers for massaging.

Once you have scrubbed your entire body turn on the water supply of the shower and rinse off the scrub thoroughly.