How To Make A Girls Tutu

If you wish to dress your beautiful lovely daughter or your loved one with something special then there can be no other suitable alternative than to make her dress up with a tutu.

Tutu is one of the most wonderful outfits that perfectly match with the kind of occasion you want your loved child to be dressed up with. Tutu dresses makes a girl look extremely fabulous and beautiful, with the genre of attire she dresses with.

Tutu costumes are the most suitable ones to be apt for any kind of get together for kids, such as, Halloween parties, birthday parties or any kind of special occasions to spend with peer group of school friends. Halloweens are the best platforms were your child can get to express herself.

If your child is very girlish by her nature and always roams around the house wearing your stilettos and fashion apparel, she is sure to fall in love with the tutu Halloween costumes, as tutus are available in almost all range of color shades. But purchasing a tutu can be actually very expensive.

Therefore, it is a better option to go for hand-made tutus, as they can be designed with any kind of apparel and accessories. Tutus make your girl look dazzling because of her attire.

Why go for a tutu?

Tutus give girls, a feeling of complete carelessness during their refreshment play time and adds a shine to their costume for that special day. Once you aim for purchasing a tutu dress, it is required to give a little extra thought to the process, as it can surely take you a long way.

Matching accessories with the selected tutus have the potent to make your child feel like a true princess. And if you get your girl’s tutu in one of her favorite colors, you would feel privileged to know that your loved one adores you.

This will indeed make them happy to feel that you really cared for her. This will make your daughter remember this very special occasion, when she was presented with such a lovely gift to wear.

Whether the tutu is in shade of pastel or pretty, bold, captive or dazzling bright, or may be a rainbow of the seven colors, tutu dresses are designed in such a way so as to enlighten up a small girl’s world.

Styles of tutu:

There are a various design cuts which are incorporated into girl’s tutus such as its twirling pattern, floating of its layers and its  ‘princess’ kind of a sensational feeling, which combines explicitly to make these sets of tutu dresses the perfect attires to venture into a fantasy world with dreams of a fairy tale.

Girl’s tutus have received an edge of its tailoring cut from its traditional look into the modern designer style patterned outfits of it. The traditionally sewn girl’s tutu dresses are fashioned into envisaged styling trend by tying the set of individual strands of this tulle into several layers with the waist elastic.

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The layering of the tutus creates the completely draped flowing outlook of your girl. This flowing patterned design of tutus makes it very flaunting with the charm and zeal in its style and appearance. The extraordinary features catered by wearing accessories and trendy leotards with these tutu dresses help in creating a very charming and dazzled outlook.

Why are tutu dresses popular?

Wearing tutu dresses are a kind of fashion trend that follows during the couple of summer months. There can be many factors enlisted for this trend. But some of the most common features which make this style so popular among the young girls are contributed to its unique outlook in appearance.

The layers of the soft chiffon fabrics create a very lovely flaunting look. A cool or a hot combination can be achieved with either pretty pink or any shade of hot pink embossed on a glistering petticoat style of dress with ruffles all over it.

This creates a very exciting and joyful summer trend. Girl’s Tutu dresses are a bunch of affordable fashions but they can be designed at home too. When you add with its purchase price, the price of matching accessories, the complete outfit might cost even lesser than any traditional dressing styles which run in fashion.

It is completely impossible to find something better in the eyes of a young girl than a pink colored glittered tutu skirt of her size. With the three of its layers of the ‘tulle’ and of the ‘ribbon trim’, this skirt is fit for a princess. Tutu styles are very popular because they are always designated by girls as the ‘fun’ in fashions.

This outfit adds on an element of excitement, fantasy and joy to any occasion attended. These tutu dresses are a real fun for the little girls to flaunt upon by wearing them.

How to tailor a tutu dress?

All you need to start to design a wide strong durable material to hold the waist of your girl, preferably an elastic band or a very thick ribbon. The major component for tutu is tulles. Cut these tulle pieces into the accurate size you need to.

For a nice full tutu, it is suggested to incorporate twice the actual length of tulle and fold it into half of it accordingly. Leave the folded end of the tutu at bottom and tie up knots at open ends for the elastic or ribbon. It is advised not to leave any space in between these knots.

If some space is left in between, ensure that it’s a very small gap. Ribbon can be secured with the help of glue and a bow. Any strong glue is good for securing the ends of elastic. Next, you might add on decorations. You can go for embellishments that will make it trendy.

You can go creative with various tones of bows, tulle, laces or ribbons, chiffon, glitter or any other designs. Another option is to have alternate colors of tulle around your band.

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