How To Make Your Eyes Look More Beautiful

Eyes makes a woman look really beautiful. They are known to be the windows to our soul. This feature of our face is very important for the overall appearance of the face.

Even the most conservative cultures have provisions to enhance the beauty of the eye. Even in the middle east where veil is practices and eyes are the only visible parts, women use accessories to enhance the beauty and appeal of the eyes.

There are many types of cosmetic available in the market to enhance the beauty of the eyes. In India for example a special eye cosmetic called ‘kajal’ is used. It ranks very high in the overall make up of the Indian woman.

Enhancing eyes can be a bit tricky. There are so many cosmetics available in the market. You need to use the correct one with the correct proportion otherwise instead of enhancing the beauty you can actually end up making them look bad.

Instead of getting flattering attention, you may lose all attention. Therefore be very attentive with the eye makeup. You need to do a bit of home work for that. Look into the mirror and try to analyze. Ask your family members if you are looking right or not. Change the makeup accordingly.

You should choose the right color and try to gel it with the clothes you are wearing.

There are many tools available in the market for eye makeup such as eyeliner pencils, liquid eyeliner, or powder eyeliner, eye shadow, and various types of brushes. There are other tools for eye makeup as well such as Mascara, tweezers and eyelash curlers.

You can use an eye pencil to color your eyebrows to make it look a bit darker than its natural color. A thin line is fine to give an effect t o the eyes. You need to apply an eye makeup base.

After that you can use a light shade of the eye shadow which goes from the eyelash line to the eyebrow. After wards you can apply a darker shade to enhance the appeal of the eyes. After that apply a medium shade of eye shadow.

There are many other techniques available to enhance the effect of the eyes. You can take help from a professional beautician as well.