How to Seduce Her Senseless

Men always take the wrong steps to approach women for a nice romantic session. You might have the looks of Hercules with tight six packs and huge biceps, but honestly the looks don’t matter to a woman as long as you can make your girl love you. A healthy sex life is the key to a long lasting relationship. Women love their men when they let them feel that they care and love her.

Key to Seduction:

The first aspect to get your girl to steam up is to be well groomed. Take her out for a dinner at a place which is her favorite restaurant. Remember to carry yourself well in whatever you wear. Focus on her when you are in a public place, do not stare grievously on other girls; women hate it if you ignore them!

It is not at all important how you look or what style you have put on, being a gentleman in public and being an animal in bed is the password. Making your woman comfortable is the starting of seduction. Engage her in an intellectual conversation and you will be amazed how much they know.

Make Her Feel Special:

Treat your woman like a princess, make her feels that she is beautiful. You do not need an occasion for making your woman feel special. Make her believe how much you love her. You may even try to read a romantic novel, men can get turned on by just seeing a naked girl but it’s not the same with women. Read her a steamy story and you will see how slowly she gets turned on.

Touch Her Senses:

Never touch her in an offensive. Women are very defensive if you hurry it on. Go slow on her. Give a good back and head message, play with your fingers on her body parts until she responds and wait for the magic to happen. You might be thinking it’s difficult to turn a woman on, but when she does get there you won’t be able to stop her. Seduce her to the ultimate pleasure and you will agree that you both had a splendid night.

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