How To Select The Perfect Princess Gown

Perfect Princess Gown A princess gown, as the name indicates has to be something that is extravagant in looks and has an exquisite design. It is delicately designed and has been woven with the utmost care. These gowns can be for various occasions. There are wedding princess gowns as well as party princess gowns.

According to the occasion the gown is designed. The name princess gown suggests that these gowns were once upon a time designed for the royal families.

But as decades passed the name remained the same, but the purpose of the gown changed. These gowns started being worn by the commoners too. Now a days a gorgeous gown known to be a princess gown has become a common fashion among the teenagers. Design wise new designs are in fashion.

Tips To Select The Perfect Princess Gown

The Umbrella Style

These gowns have tiers down the waistline. They are generally made of satin silk fabric, but they may also have a net layer on top. There are various designs on the ties of the gown, and the bodice is also variously designed.

Umbrella Style Princess Gown

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For example, there may be a line of roses woven down the waistline. They may come in a single row or may have multiple columns. Again there can be u-shaped stitches with the act at layers.

Straight Cut

For a more modern look, one can go for straight cut gowns. These gowns generally are full length but do not have the umbrella shape or the tier that a normal or rather a traditional princess gown has.

Straight Cut Princess Gown

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In such cases, the gown may also be printed without any kind of woven design. These gowns are generally made of satin or even silk crepe fabric. In most cases, there is a slit down the knee in these gowns. These gowns are either off shoulder with a full sleeve or one shouldered.

The Firm Bodice

The bodice that comes with such princess gowns is generally firm in nature. If not they are sure to be skin hugging. There are innumerable designs in these gowns. Like they may be stone and sequin set, or there may even be a series of beads work. With more expensive gowns, there are often pearl knots all over the gown.

Firm Bodice Princess Gown

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The Sleeves

Generally, most of the princess gowns for a party are sleeveless. Some are one shouldered as I’ve already mentioned while there are some that have a proper neckline and a full sleeve. Now these full sleeves may be straight or flared.

Sleeves Princess Gown

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If its flared, then this is a distinct chance of a lace work down the wrist line. With the sleeveless ones the chest line often becomes extremely gorgeous and heavily decorated. There is a chance of a single semi precious stone being fitted at the center of the bosom.

Bi-Colored and Double Fabric

Princess gowns, those that have a more traditional look and design are often bi-colored. They also have two types of layers with a double fabric. The colors generally match with a white or cream, like we find blue, crimson, or pink in combination with satin white or satin cream.

Double Fabric Princess Gown

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These princess gowns are often traditionally designed with a flair or umbrella down the waistline. But often generation-y needs to put on a trendy look. For that reason, they go for straight gowns with a slit down the knee, which makes the gown look more fashionable and at the same time gives an attractive and sexy look to the teenager who is wearing it.

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