How To Take Care Of Diamond Jewelry

There is perhaps no one who is not enchanted by the beauty of diamond. Every one likes to have at least one piece of diamond on any part of the body and especially on finger.

Light that reflects from diamond makes us spellbound. But that light will not reflect in same beautiful way unless you keep them in beautiful condition. Here are few tips that may help you to keep your diamond jewelry clean.

To make the diamond jewelry clean you need very simple materials – soap, warm water, soft brush and a soft and clean cloth. Mix worm water and soap in a bowl. Take very mild soap as much as possible. Soak your diamond jewelry in it for about an hour.

After that with the help of soft brush, rub it mildly to clean all types of sediments and dirt that accumulate at the joint of the diamond and the metal upon which it is fixed. After cleaning it with the soapy water, again wash it with fresh water. Be sure that you have washed away the last signs of soap. After that, wipe them with clean and soft cloth.

Different types of diamond cleaning liquids are available in the market. You can use them to clean your jewelry. But always read the manual before using them. You can also make the diamond cleaning potion at home. Mix ammonia and water in a glass container and soak your diamond jewelry in it.

The dirt will become loose and you can easily remove it with the help of a brush. Some time if your diamond jewelry is a very old one, the home made solution is not enough. An ultrasonic cleanser is necessary to clean the encrusted dirt on diamonds. In this system high frequency sound wave is sent through the detergent solutions. The sound wave vibrates the fluid to remove the accumulated dirt and grease.

This system only can be operated by the professionals and in a special set up. Along with dirt there is a possibility that the system may shake the stone and may loosen the attachment. So after clearing your diamond jewelry, using this method, do not forget to check your jewelry by the professionals. Checking is also necessary at least once a year whether you clean your jewelry or not.