How To Tan Legs And Feet For A Sexy Look

Tanned legs are what every young girl wants to sport. Tanned legs look very attractive with mini or short skirts and hot pants.So if you are also looking for that hot and sexy look for your legs with tanned legs and feet then you can use self tanners which are easily available in the market in the form of tubes.

But while buying them do remember that all the self tanners which contain higher amount of Dehydroxytocin or DHA, take time to get lighter and the tanning lasts longer.

Tips For Tanned Legs And How To make Tanning Last longer

In order to sport the tanning on your legs for a longer time do remember to exfoliate your skin after waxing. Exfoliation will remove the dead cells from the skin thus the tanning will remain for a longer period. But if you will remove hair after applying the tanning cream or lotion the tanning will get removed during the process of hair removal from the skin.

The reason being that the self tanners just work on the outermost layer of the skin, which is why when we exfoliate the skin of the legs after applying the tanning lotion it gets removed.

Do not even scrub the skin of your legs and feet to make the tanning last longer. Scrubbing will also work as exfoliation and will remove the tanning from the skin.

Tanning Shades

Always go for a tanner with a bronze tint in shade for the best tanning effect on your legs. Using self tanner with bronze tint will help you in spotting the places on the skin of your legs which are left for applying the self tanner.

This way the whole skin will get evenly tanned. The right way to apply the tanning lotion or the cream is in circular motion with the help of your fingers and after applying the tanning lotion and cream remove the excess amount of cream with your fingers only.

If the knees, ankles and feet are dry, then you need to apply extra tanner in all these areas and make the tanning cream or lotion darker in all these areas for best effect.

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The bets rule is that while tanning your legs and feet these areas should be tanned first and this should be made a habit in order to get the perfectly tanned legs and feet. This will help you as you will have to apply lesser amount of tanner in these areas from next time onwards.

Right Way Of Tanning

In order to make the tanning effect even all over the legs and especially in the area where the legs and ankles meet you need to first apply tanner on the whole leg area and then in the tanner left in your hands mix small amount of moisturiser.

Now apply this mixture of tanning lotion and the moisturiser on the reaming area from the legs till the toes of your feet evenly.

Tanning lotion has both colour as well as the moisturiser, but the quantity of colour is quite less, that is why it does not appear as patch on our skin and can be applied very easily on our skin.

The first application will give you lighter shade of tan, but simultaneous applications will darken the tanning effect and this way you will be able to sport beautiful tanned legs and feet.