How To Treat Your Skin With Microdermabrasion

Learning is something which is always boring but if we go with the saying of Confucius “You cannot open a book without learning something” we surely move to a different direction. And especially if it is your own skin then learning is significantly necessary. Let’s start with some names which can add value to your everyday skincare.


Skin is one of the most vital parts of a body whose dictionary meaning can be defined as “The membranous tissue forming the external covering or integument of an animal and consisting in vertebrates of the epidermis and dermis”. Well a bit confusing. Let’s uncomplicate.

The skin is the animal pelt which is usually thin in nature and covers the internal layer of a body. ‘Microderm’, the nick name of ‘Microdermabrasion’ consists of a collection of cosmetic processes which offers a support of making your skin clear and healthy.

How This Cosmetic Process Gets To Work

The entire procedure involves slight scratch on the upper layer of the skin with an intention of revealing the part that lies underneath. This underlying skin is more fresh and clear in nature. The cosmetic procedure generally gets introduced in order to reduce any scars or the other dermatological anomalies. Such characteristics have earned Microdermabrasion an immense popularity with its effectiveness.

Microdermabrasion treatments


Microderm has scored quite a remarkable fame due to its steady growth and has experienced its great demand within the rapidly changing market. Such is due to its magic over the age of human being and you can look much younger now. Reducing the ageing scars you can be more beautiful with a skin that can sometimes tickle the jealousy hormone of Homo sapiens.

You And Microderm

Coming to this world has made us a way of presenting us in some of the impeccable ways. And Microdermabrasion has played there a vital role. With your glowing, clear and beautiful skin as your greatest asset introduce yourself utilizing all the effective methods.

Flavor your life with all the impressive looks from other people and be famous for your flawless pelt. Availing the Microdermabrasion get an opportunity to extent your confidence and maintain the same attitude even during your 50s. Don’t let the ageing catch your skin glow and this time let your personality speak to the world.

What Microdermabrasion Is?

It is one of the most recently used practices that have given a jump from Hollywood to the mainstream. The cosmetic process is an excellent alternative which has proved it to be effective among its users and is rather cheap in comparison to its other invaded techniques like Botox, plastic surgery and other chemical peels.

During the 20th century more and more people are getting interested into this procedure instead of choosing the plastic surgeries. Now you can come to a question of what exactly Microdermabrasion and how it leaves its effect on our skin. How it can keep its promise of giving us our young look back even during the time of graying of hairs?

Basic Traits Of Microdermabrasion

It is a general term that gets utilized during the function of minute coarse particles so as to rub away the surface stratum of your skin. There are a wide variety of treatments and products which make application of this very method and include the several medical processes like salon treatments, scrubs and even the creams which you usually use at your home.

The Microderm is continued within the skin of your chest, face, hands arms or neck. Now to understand how this puts its effect within your skin it is necessary to know the working method of your skin.

Working of Your Skin

The skin is a combination of altogether two layers. Such are dermis and epidermis. The epidermis layer is the one which gets exhibited to the outer world. This layer is nothing but a collection of dead cells which lies on the top of another dead cell layer and they remains within a continuous process of maturing.

Within this two layered dead cells the topmost layer got a name of stratum corneum. The Corneum gets a role of acting as a barricade in between the inner and the outer world and to its lower layer of skin.


When you put your favorite commercial lotion or cream over the skin, its moisture takes an entry to the stratus corneum but all the moisture does not get a gate pass to go inside the skin. In fact the stratum corneum can be said home of different imperfections such as blemishes and even the wrinkle lines.

Interestingly all the processes of Microdermabrasion gets an initiative within the layer of stratum corneum. This cosmetic process significantly makes a target to the epidermis layer and thereof it can be called as micro-epi-dermabrasion.

How The Process Undergoes

This process of cosmetic surgery is trouble-free and your pain will relatively be less. There is no necessity of getting anesthetized while undergoing the process to a person. The entire practice involves a type of exfoliating technique in which several crystalline material types are made to blast onto all the tiny parts of your skin. These takes place with the aid of a wand. Next the materials get removed together with the particles of the dead skin.


Various types of Microdermabrasion treatments exist. Like the diamond type which is much more defined in comparison to the others.

Here the wand gets constructed with a diamond tip and therefore makes a natural grazing within your skin and gives a smooth removal of the dead particles as it moves. The next type is the home microdermabrasion. Here sand gets utilized with the purpose of giving a quick acceleration to the renewal of skin.


Best Microdermabrasion

The best means of utilizing the procedure is through getting a facial technique. Although it can cost you a lump some but the effect it leaves is really awesome. Facial Microdermabrasion can be something which you should try atleast once to experience the beauty of its painless exercise over your skin.Then what are you waiting for? Happy healing!