How To Understand When A Woman Wants To Kiss You

Understanding or predicting women and their moves has always been difficult for men. It is hard for men to understand what women want or think, especially when they are not saying things in words. Women on the other hand have their own way of expressing themselves when they are not being vocal.

Women keep giving subtle hints to men through different ways. It is up to men whether they are able to interpret those hints and signs or not. Intimacy, of any sort or level, is an area where women mostly take the help of more subtle ways of getting their message across to men.

Sometimes women also give hints to their wishes or wants of intimacy without even noticing or realizing that themselves. So, when a woman wants to kiss you or when she wants to be kissed by you she will give you sufficient hints of the same.

Therefore, it is much needed that you learn to understand those signs and make the most of the situation. So read on to know more about the signs that you need to read to understand that a woman wants to kiss you.

Read Her Body Language

Body language always reveals a lot about a person. Many secrets are discovered and exposed by body language. Body language is something over which we mostly have no control and which we can not fake. You can get a clear indication if and when a woman wants to kiss you by just paying attention to her body language.

So, pay heed to her body language. If a woman wants to kiss you then she will maintain eye contact with you for a prolonged time, fiddle with her curls, touch her neck, bite her lips and flirt with you through her eyes.

Pay special attention to her eyes and looks

Apart from maintaining an eye contact, there are certain other things that you need to notice when it comes to her eyes. Notice if she is staring at you and if the stare is more of a sultry kind. If a woman really wants a kiss from you then her eyes will be shifted to your lips.

So notice if her eyes are shuffling between your eyes and your lips. Or, it may actually be that she moves her attention from your eyes for some time and concentrates looking at your lips only. Other than that, there are certain other things that you need to notice about her eyes to find out if she is interested in kissing you or not.

If a woman is willing to kiss a man then her eyes will widen slightly and her pupils will be dilated. So, try to observe these things in her eyes and looks and find out about her wish and intentions of kissing you.

Changes In Her Breathing

When we become excited and want something badly, our excitement and need is revealed through our breathing. So, when a woman wants to kiss a man her breathing changes too.

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Either her breathing will be long and deep or else she will start breathing a bit faster and take shallow breaths. Whether her breathing is long and deep or fast and shallow depends on her level of excitement and willingness.

Observe How She Behaves With You

The behavior of a woman changes when she is interested in any kind of intimacy with a man. So, if she is smiling more at you, giggling a lot or is laughing a lot then you must take it as a positive sign of her interest in you which indirectly shows her interest in kissing you.

She may also become very playful with you, crack jokes and tease you. Teasing along with a hot stare is an almost sure sign that she really wants to kiss you.

Her Reaction To Your Touch Speaks Quite Loudly

How she reacts to your touch can say a lot about her interest in kissing you. If you touch her hand, hold her hand, touch her shoulders or hug her and she doesn’t accept your touch and pulls away from you or she looks extremely uncomfortable, then she is not in for a kiss.

Whereas if she responds to your touch positively and doesn’t move away or withdraw, then you can be sure that its safe to kiss her as that is what she wants from you. In such a case you will also find that when you hug her she will also embrace you by pulling you in her arms tightly.

Her Interest In Kissing You Can Be Revealed By Her Touch

If it is her who is touching you on pretexts then there is no need to keep any doubt or be unsure whether she wants to kiss you or not. If she wants to kiss you then she will try to touch you and grab all opportunities to do so.

She will tickle you, tap you, push you, touch your shoulder or lean towards you which are clear signs that she is drawn towards you. If she moves closer to you or if she hugs you by herself then it surely is a sign of a kiss ahead or something even more than that.

Other Hints That Point Towards Her Kissing Intentions

You know a woman wants to kiss you when you go to drop her at her home and she says “bye” or “goodnight” to you and still waits for a few moments – silently.

If the date is over, you have reached her home to drop her, she has bid you farewell, there is nothing more to say and she is still waiting for something, then it is quite clear a sign hinting at what she wants.

Of course she is waiting for the kiss from you because she wants to kiss you. If she had not been interested in the kiss then she would have left the car or entered her home after saying “bye” to you, without waiting any further.

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