How To Update Your Summer Wardrobe

How To Update Your Summer Wardrobe Summer’s are here and so is the need to revamp your wardrobe to fit all the summery must essentials. The main concern of anything you buy to wear during summer is that it should save you from the scorching heat.

You should be comfortable in your skin and look gorgeous even in the sweat. How to update your summer wardrobe? Many of us are left thinking as to what should be our first step towards getting a total makeover.

Update Your Summer Wardrobe

Shun Your Useless Attires

The very first thing one need to do is sit down and carefully keep aside the clothes you would not wear require during summers. The task is tough but nothing pays off until you have really worked hard for it.

Put away your winter clothing, bring out the summer wear. Try them, see if they fit you. Get rid of the ones that haven’t been worn for years and you intend to do so. Make some space for the new summer things you are going to splurge on your next shopping trip.

Jot Down Things You Need For Summers

Having settled your wardrobe, you can now clearly see what you have and things you require to have your wardrobe remodeled.

Write down the essential summer time knick knacks you need such as a good sun block to keep you from tanning, a nice pair of shades and of course good comfortable clothing preferably cotton wears. Following are the list of few things that a girl should have in her summer wardrobe.

A Lovely Straw Tote Or Bag

There is nothing more summery than to have a big straw or cane bags that practically fits in your life from a beach wear to sun blocks, a small bottle of water, powder and a perfume. These bags are handy, look chic and made for a purpose. A perfect must have in summers.

How To Update Your Summer Wardrobe

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Summer Colors

Summer brings along all the vibrant colors in the palette, from the bright oranges to reds to neon greens and yellows. It’s all about adding a dash of funky colors to make you look cool as ever.

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Team up a bright orange t-shirt with a pair of faded denims or wear a lovely bright printed cotton dress for a casual outing with friends. Wear shorts available in bright colors or if you do not like to experiment then stick to earthy shades in beige and brown.

Hats, Accessories And More

Summer dressing is a lot of fun because you can experiment with beautiful scarves, huge hats and wonderful accessories. Buy a lovely pair of shades that suit the cut of your face as well as protect from the sun rays. You find different variety of hats that look cool but are also very handy in keeping the sun away.

Another essential summer item is a pair of comfortable flip-flops, wedge heels or flat shoes to match with your outfit. One need not go out of the way to look extra cool during summers. All you have to do is experiment with the existing stuff that you have and mix and match to look super cool.

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