How To Use Bronzers

Gone are the days when women were obsessed with fair complexion. Now the sun kissed look is in. But getting a tan is not as easy as it sounds. It may cause dehydration, tiredness and the UV-rays from the sun can be quiet hazardous. If you want to get that sun kissed, sexy look, bronzers are the thing for you.

There must be lot of women out there who want to try bronzers but are not sure about how to use it. There must be lot of questions in your mind about its impact on skin. Well choosing the right product and using it the right way will solve all your problems.

Moreover using bronzers liven up your skin in a certain way. It evens out your complexion making your skin look healthy and clear.Now is that not something you have always dreamt of?

There are different kinds of bronzers for different skin types. Cream based bronzers for dry skin, powder based bronzers for oily skin etc. So it is very important for you to choose the right bronzer for your skin type.

Powder Bronzers:

These are ideal for oily skin and are extremely easy to use. Take a big, fluffy brush and dab it on the bronzer and blow the extra bronzer away. Apply it evenly on your face and neck. Start from your cheekbones and proceed to your nose, chin and forehead respectively.

If you are using base powder or foundation, then make sure you do not end up using it too much. It may end up looking orange and dirty.

Cream Bronzers:

It is recommended for dry skin as it leaves your skin looking moisturized also. Always exfoliate your skin before using cream bronzers. If your skin is too dry you can even use a little moisturizer before applying the bronzer.

Take a little bronzer with the help of a sponge or your fingers and rub it in circular motions on your cheeks and rest of your face, neck and shoulders. Be very careful while using the cream bronzers because if overdone it may look fake and blotchy.

However a lot of things have to be kept in mind while choosing a bronzer. Never choose a shade too dark. It may end up looking unnatural. So make sure to not pick a shade 2 times darker than your complexion for natural look.

If you wish to go out in the evening for a party or a special date and want to look at your best, then you can go for bronzers with a little shimmer.

Always go for a good quality bronzer and always check for any adverse effects before trying it on your face. Apart from that branded bronzers will not damage your skin.

It washes off easily with a bath. After you finish applying bronzer, check in proper light if the bronzer is applied consistently or not. Wipe off any extra bronzer with the help of cotton or a piece of cloth.