Ideas for Fashionable Summer Dresses

Some women buy their sun dresses readymade. However, most want them tailor made in order to suit their body types better. Here are a few tips to help decide on what pattern to choose for your summer dress. The patterns for summer dresses differ depending on the occasion you are wearing them to and the fabric that is used to make them.

The basic sundress that is used to beat the summer heat is made from cotton. Select cotton fabric in light pastel shades with summery designs. The sundress should fit at the bust and lightly skim over the waist and hips.

Don’t keep the length of the sundress too long. Ideally it should end at the knees.However, some women might prefer getting it stitched a little below the knees but above the mid-calf.  You can choose to get a square sleeveless dress made or even keep it strapless. Team the sundress with a light jacket during light summer showers.

Summer dresses made from satin have a very elegant, classy touch to them and take the meaning of summer dresses to an altogether different level. Satin clings to your body at just the right places without making it look vulgar or cheap.

Satin summer dresses can be worn for a summer evening barbeque, to informal office meets, to a friend’s place, movies, a night out in the town, pubs and even to formal get togethers. With satin as your choice of fabric you can afford to experiment with colors. Dark purples and sea green emeralds will give you a very chic look.

Denim is also a good choice for sun dresses. The fabric is durable and looks smart. You can team the sundress with white tees or simply wear it by itself. The fabric is a great choice if you tend to stay out in the sun for long hours.
A summer dress has three parts; the main body, the bust as well as the straps. If you are the daring sorts then experiment with colors and fabric on the same dress. Have the three parts made from different fabrics of different colors.

Sundresses are the simplest yet best dresses that can be worn in the summers to keep the heat at bay. They are elegant, stylish, classy and chic. They are also a great way of showing off your summer figure and summer skin.