Important Shaving Tips For Women

Shaving is an essential and quick means of getting rid of unwanted hairs from your skin. Women are using this tactic of hair removal quite often as it is easy and time saving. So why not find out some valuable shaving tips and tricks to get a smooth and silky skin instantaneously.

Useful Shaving Tips

Always use sharp blades for shaving. Old and used blades catch and pull hairs and thus cause ingrown hairs after shaving. A nice new blade gives smooth shaving. Dip the razor in an antiseptic lotion for some time and then use it.While shaving if you have to exert some pressure then you should change the blade.

If you use regular razor blade or an electric shaver for shaving then instead of using soap lather use shaving gel for lather and leave the lather on the area to be shaved for at least 3-4 minutes. This helps in conditioning the skin and the re-growth of hairs in this area will be softer as compared to previous.

If you will just use soap lather for shaving you might get red rashes, burning sensation and ingrown hairs in the shaved area. Never shave just after getting up from deep sleep, because when you sleep due to accumulation of body fluids the skin swells a bit and it is difficult to shave. So it is better to wait for at least 20-30 minutes after waking up and then shave.

Tips For Shaving Bikini Area And Underarms

If the hair growth is more in the underarm or the bikini area, then first you need to trim your hairs with the help of a small scissor meant for trimming and then start shaving.

Before shaving the bikini area or the underarms first wet these areas with luke warm water and keep them wet for at least 3 minutes. Wet hairs are easier to shave as they become a bit soft.

Shaving Tricks For Women

If you are satisfied with the results of shaving with a razor, then you can use it regularly for shaving. Shave everyday of after every fourth day.However it depends on the hair growth of any individual,that how many times she should shave in a week.

During summers and rainy season shaving is the best way to remove hairs from your legs, underarms and bikini area. But beauty experts suggest not using razor for shaving hairs on your arms,because shaving activates the hair glands and the hair re-growth becomes faster and the hairs which grow after shaving arms are thicker and drier. So it is better to use waxing or bleaching for effective hair removal from arms.

Best Shaving Razors

You should use conventional razors with moisturizer strips for shaving for extra skin protection. Straight razors are not good for body shaving so always buy especially designed razors for body shaving for women.

Always keep skin lotion, alcohol free shaving gel or foam, luke warm water and ice cubes handy while shaving. In case you have a heavy beard growth then you should keep small scissor, hair conditioner, tweezers, baby oil and dry skin lotion nearby.