Instant Makeup

Today life is running too fast. So who has time to sit at home for hours for skin care and make up? People are looking for makeup that happens quickly.

Let’s go party tonight

To apply base, mix a little foundation in your moisturizer and evenly spread it on your face. For a glamorous look in a party, use a moisturizer with pearl finish. They give a gentle glow to your face. You can even try loose glitters which are easily available in cosmetic shops. Mix these glitters in your moisturizer and you are ready for the party.

Glow from honey

Honey brings instant glow on face. Application of honey moistens the skin. Evenly spread few drops of honey for 15 minutes, and then wash off with water. Avoid applying honey if you are having pimples or acne.

No more tired eyes

Take a spoon and keep it under the flow of very sharp water, then place the spoon on your eyes. The coldness of the metal will make your eyes look fresh and you will feel very comfortable.

Fresh look within 1 minute

For fresh look, clean you face with natural cleansers like pineapple or tomato juice, pulp of orange or grapes. In fruits Alpha Hydroxy Acid is found which removes the dead skin cells from the skin making the skin appear soft and smooth.

Toner is a bonus

To remove excess of oil from the skin surface toner is used. If you don’t have a toner, you can use lemon. Mix lemon juice in water and apply it. This will clean your face and will also remove extra oil. Apply a moisturizer after it.

Glow from Vaseline

Always keep Vaseline in your purse. It’s application brings instant tinted glow on your lips. You can even apply transparent lip balm. Vaseline gives a shiny look if applied on legs.

Perfect hairstyle

Keep a hairstyle that is easy to make and maintain. Avoid making ponytails as they cause hair to break. If you want to tie your hair use a hair clutcher. This will give you a trendy look.

Freshness from milk

Milk provides nourishment to skin. Wash your face with raw milk and then finally with plenty of water. Dab your face gently with towel.

Keep wet tissue

Always keep wet tissues in your purse. They remove dust and dirt instantly from the skin.