Is Night Cream That Essential?

A little hope is a big deal especially when it comes to your skin. And research shows that hope is all you need for a healthy and glowing complexion. To attain flawless beauty, its not just the cleanse-tone-moisturize bit that’s required, the little details we put in our skincare regime on day to day basis go a long way.

In a market flooded with products ranging from eye creams to hydrating balms…how does the night cream fare? Sunscreens are still synonymous with skincare during the day for many, just as we are happy cozying in bed, at night with a freshly washed face and if need be a daily moisturiser. Is the night cream a luxury, an add on to your over expanding beauty wardrobe or an essential part?

Night creams are applied with the objective of enabling repair and nourishment to the skin. This repair process is vital to the skincare ritual. The phenomenon of the night cream is not just a new FAD: History reveals accounts of Roman ladies going to bed with fine olive oil on their faces to help retain moisture and to reduce wrinkle.

Night treatments are essential as they are effective at stimulating and regenerating skin through the night when the skin is in its peak repair phase. Research shows that the metabolic activity of the skin cells is at its highest at night. When we are sleeping our bodies and skin cells are busy repairing themselves.

Using a night cream daily gives your skin the chance to repair the damage caused by make-up, air pollution and the sun’s UV rays. So who really needs night creams? Practically everyone. Different age groups though need different types and for that its best to understand your skin. In our 20s we need night creams to help combat acne prone skin.

During late 20s and early 30s we are working and have no time for skincare. Here we need night creams to provide nourishment and prevent signs of early aging. Beyond mid 30, since the essential collagen and elastin in the skin takes a beating, its important to regenerate the skin by replacing the active collagen.

Now how to apply it? It must be applied half an hour ago going to the bed so that it doesn’t get wiped away. Apply it to slightly damp skin. Those with any acne prone or sensitive skin must consult their doctors.

Kriti Verma