Is Your Relationship Crumbling?

Marriage is not a bed of roses. Along with the love, marriage brings along its own set of problems and complications. Once your honeymoon is over, your real life will begin to set in. You may find cracks to come into a marriage slowly, and there are some tell tale signs that you need to know. This will help keep you on your toes.

If you find you and your spouse preferring to watch movies at night rather than catching up with conversation it is a sign that you are getting bored with one another.

Sometimes you both may find yourselves making plans to do things by yourself, or making plans with all girls and all boys rather than with each other. This can show that you are not really enjoying being together and hanging out with each other. You would rather keep some distance.

If you find the distance between yourselves increasing in the bedroom, and simple things like changing next to one another makes you feel uncomfortable, it is a warning sign of cracks developing in your otherwise happy marriage.

You may sometimes find your wife spending more and more time with hr mothe. You can be rest assured that she pouring out complaints about you to her. You may find her getting close to her mother rather than comfortably talking to you. Sometimes your friends and relatives may be able to sense that something is amiss. They may bring it up in conversation with you.

Your marriage is quite on the rocks if you find that more of your time is spent feeling awkward. If you spouse’s business trips are getting more and more frequent and he is beginning to be more away on the weekends which are holidays, you need to look at your relationship.

These are some of the signs that you should look for. If you find them developing in your relationship you need to act fast and do something to save your marriage. Marriage never was easy. It takes a lot of time and effort to make. Talk to your spouse about issues that you are experiencing as they may experiencing the same ones.

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