Jeans – The Bedrock Of Urban Elegance

Classic, timeless yet loaded with rugged elegance and comfort, Jeans has been the wardrobe staple for the better part of the century now. It has seen through countless generations of fads and styles, from worn-out rock music styles to grunge to even chic mod wear, and yet still remains the most common and clothing in any wardrobe across the world.

Jeans is one of the few fabrics that could be modeled according to any look, suitable for designer labels as well as everyday work-wear. Obtained from the fabric most commonly known as ‘denim’, jeans is available in a plethora of cuts, shapes, sizes and fits for women of all ages and figures.

Despite its durability, however, one needs to keep in mind that jeans must be bought exactly according to the right fit. Except comfort fits, which allows the wearer a huge amount of breathing space, the wrong size would definitely cause of a lot of discomfort and difficulty for the wearer.

Irrespective of whether you pay $30 or $300 for a pair of jeans, the wrong fit would draw constant attention to yourself and would cost you a lot of effort just to look natural and comfortable.

Remember, if the jeans is too flared or wide, it makes you look messy and clumsy, or the jeans becomes unmanageable. However, jeans that is too tight for comfort would strangle you for air, and severely restrict your mobility and flexibility. You need to find that right balance to make sure that you look sexy, yet cool and relaxed in your denims.

If you are unwilling to go for the obvious exclusivity of higher-priced brands like Diesel and GAP, you could easily pick up an assortment of styles and cool washes from the nearby clothing rack store. The most popular cuts for the jeans is straight fit, relaxed fit (or boyfriend denims), drainpipes, flared cowboys and the low rise skinny-fits.

Also, the jeans gives you the freedom to pick one up, and then customize them with embellishments yourself to get that chic, personalized look that just exudes attitude. Irrespective of how its worn, the jeans remains every generations’ passport to personal statements of expression and freedom.