Jogging Facts

Some age-old health practices such as jogging, exercising, yoga, meditation always work wonders for the body and help you maintain a healthy body and life. Out of all these, “jogging” is one health regime that gives you physical as well as mental happiness. However, jogging can be really exhaustive and tiring if not done in the proper way.

There are some specifications about clothing, place, pace of jogging, etc. that one should follow in order to derive maximum benefits. Let us see some of these specifications here. Following these, your boring jogging can take a “U’ turn and turn into a must-have morning affair.

Clothes during jogging: The clothes that you wear while jogging should suit the weather. For summers, wear shorts, running vests/T-shirts along with socks and soft sports shoes (with easily-bent sole). For winters, your tracksuit, thermal wear, gloves, windproof jacket can be used. But remember to carry a small towel with you when out for jogging. Wear what you are comfortable in; your clothes should neither be too tight nor too loose on your body otherwise they’ll make you uncomfortable.

Pace or burn rate for jogging: Check with your doctor who will recommend you the time and pace for jogging, depending on your weight and the amount of calories you need to burn to be healthy and fit. Whatever your pace should be, never confuse jogging with running.

Route and place for jogging:
If the path for jogging is long, use a moderate pace; for short path, your speed can be more than moderate. Doctors recommend that there should be slight change in the route that you follow everyday so that you meet new people and enjoy your job. This breaks the monotony of jogging on the same path and meeting the same people every day.

Be safe:
Because jogging is best suited in the early morning hours of dawn, it is important for you to follow some safety measures. Let someone at home know what route and how much time you’ll take. Carry your mobile with you (but not for listening to music or news; feel the fresh air). Apply moisturizer or sunscreen on the exposed skin of your body to avoid any chipping (especially during winters).

Make your jogging fun and your body healthy by following these leisure jogging guidelines.


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