Key Summer Dresses For Your Wardrobe

Summer is the time when your wardrobe needs a complete makeover. With the weather the fabric, cuts, styles and the prints everything changes. SO let us check out what’s in this summer in case of dresses.

This summer floral prints with a perfect feminine look, will be ruling most of the dresses. All the summer dresses be it long maxi dress with a bohemian look or a mini dress with a stylish belt all will carry these floral prints. It is just that you need to choose the right dress and team it up with the perfect accessory, so that you get that perfec6t chic summery look.

Designers take on Summer Dresses

Designer s opine that floral prints are specially worn during summer season as they give us a nice break from the  monotony of dull and pastel shades . Floral prints are very lively and various colours are clubbed in one print this makes it very unique.

If planning to go for small flowery prints then do not buy black or grey flowers, add a little colour to your wardrobe. On the other hand the big prints should not carry all the bright colours there should be a perfect balance between dark and light colours.

How to wear Floral Prints

These are the finest prints which are admired by every age group, but while wearing floral prints do peep into the mirror and analyse your body type. If you have a taller body frame then bigger prints are meant for you only and you can carry them with full flamboyance.

But in case you have smaller body frame then bigger prints are not meant for you, go for small flowery prints, they will give you nice taller look too. Match your dress with the hottest floral accessory like Tote’s with floral designs, belts with floral buckle, anklets with cute little flowers etc.

This year summer will be totally dedicated to floral accessories, so do not stop you from accessorising with the best and bright floral accessory. You can wear floral slippers, shoes, bags, pendants etc. to accessorise yourself with flowers.

You can create a nice and different combo of floral tops with either white pants or denims. If you want to give yourself an uber cool look then just reverse the order, wear floral print leggings with monochrome tops. While wearing a whole dress with floral print, add something solid in between like a solid belt in single colour or wear a monochrome jacket to break the monotony of floral print.

Colour Palette and Fabric for this summers

This summer will be coloured with yellows, pinks and oranges more, so add a zing to your summer wardrobe by buying dresses in these colours with floral prints. Choose bright colours in breathable fabrics so that you feel comfortable wearing them like cotton, linen etc. are bets fabrics for summer.

The accessories should be of one of the colours in your dresses. Same way you can pick bags and shoes also of the same colour from the whole range of colours available in the market.

If planning to go for a formal party then silk and chiffon will be the best material. The flowing charm and the elegance of the fabric will add to your personality and demeanour. You can wear silk tops or chiffon short kurtis with pencil skirts or pant suits.

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Finest Summer Dresses for you

Be charming in a bold printed top with floral prints and multi coloured roses. If you do not like floral prints then, you can opt for abstract prints too. If you want to wear long dresses, then Maxi dresses are the ones for you with perfect sleek empire cuts.

Long legs with gold and silver jewellery both look elegant with this maxi dress. Accessorise your hand with sleek gold bangles and make a pony tail to complete the whole flamboyant look.

You can carry a sweater, but you must be wondering sweater in summers sounds crazy, but a brightly coloured cardigan should be handy in your tote because when you sit for hours in air conditioned office or restaurant, you might need it. Light weighted cardigan is an important thing to make your outfit look peppier.

A button –up shirt dress will be a nice addition to your wardrobe this summer. The best thing about this dress is that you do not have to think about what to wear along with it; moreover it goes with every skin tone.

Summers are the right time for Tee’s, when you can team your nice embellished Tee with cool denim if you are going for a date. Wear big floral earrings and shiny heels along with this tee and you are ready for a nice and hot date.

Be a Bermuda Babe with funky and colourful shorts. You can wear them for weekends with a pair of colourful sneakers. This Bermuda short will give you more sophisticated look and you will beat the heat with these funky shorts.

Adding a tunic will add number of possible dressing combinations in your wardrobe.You can pair your chic tunic dress with leggings with a belt around your waist, or wear it alone with heels to the beach. It can also be worn as a flowing mini dress with heels too.

Even cargos are back with a slim and sleek look, so add them in your wardrobe this summer. They will no more add a bulky look to your body and go for new stylish and sleek ones. Wear them with a bright coloured ribbon around your waist instead of regular belts.

A denim Apron skirt is a very funky and stylish outfit which you can wear with an embellished Tee. The slight A-line cut given to this skirt makes it look good on every body type. So feel free to wear this cute flirty skirt around your waist.

Go for super light weighted cotton tanks which will help in keeping sweat away from your body during the scorching heats of summer. These cotton tanks will give you cool look and help in keeping you dry all through the summers.

Do not forget to dress to impress on your date with this Rhythm dress. The v-neck of the dress and the figure hugging curves give a great sex appeal to the dress.

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