Know How To Shop For Evening Dresses For Teens

Being a teenager does not come easily and besides the pressures of having to fare well with grades and various other activities, it is also very natural for young teenage girls to be influenced by fashion and style! Being a teenager does not mean that you cannot have your own sense of style! So go out there and develop your own style sense!

But when you are shopping for evening dresses you must make sure that you do not go overboard with the dress! Keep it young and bright and well balanced with all your accessories! This guide will help you with the trends in evening dresses for teens and how to put together a great look for an evening out with friends or family!

Choosing the trendy maxi dresses

If you are a fan of long and flowing dresses then maxi dresses are a good option for you. Maxi dresses are an essential fashion statement that is creating a ripple the world over, whether young or old! Especially if it is springtime then the maxi dress can be the ultimate dress for you!

But do not think that maxi dresses are not meant for the evening! Well that should not be the case if you know how to team the dress well! Choose the right maxi dress for your body type. If you like vibrant and bright colors then go for maxi dresses in bold hues!

If you have great shoulders then choose a halter neck maxi dress for yourself. For the evenings, you have to jazz up your dress. Add a nice navy jacket over the dress or even an oversized jacket to go with the look!

Add on a chunky neckpiece or a string of colorful bangles and you will look great for the evening! The maxi dress will keep you looking simple and smart just like a teenager should be! Moreover you can team bright sandals or flip flops with your maxi dress!

However, for a slightly more befitting evening look go for a pair of gladiators as they pair excellently with the maxi dress! If you are a tomboy and swear by your sneakers you can team them with a pair of sneakers or sports shoes! Well as a teenager you have that liberty!

Choose dresses in white and pastel shades!

Evening dresses are usually associated with black and other dark colors! But there are no written rules that you cannot look equally nice in beautiful and pristine shades like whites and beiges!

As young teenagers white, ecru, and other pastel shades like baby pink, beige lend you a certain aura! So think about it! Choose a nice A line dress in a dreamy white or other pastel shades of your choice! If you think you will look too drab in it, then brighten it up with some accessories!

You can add a beautiful silk sash around your waist to give it elegance! Or if a belt is your type of accessory then you can also opt for a bright and chunky belt that will catch around your waist and give a fun element to your dress! You can also buy some textured and layered dresses as well!

Light frills and layers in a flowy knee length dress look great on teenagers! Wear your dress with a pair of ballerina flats or a colorful pair of wedge heels and it is guaranteed that you will look like a dream!

Go retro with your evening dress!

Dressing retro is a wonderful option for young people today! By retro we refer to clothes and fashion that dates back a few decades but still manage to create a stir with their timeless styles! Retro is often fun, quirky and colorful!

Thus ideal for teenagers! It gives you a lot of scope to experiment and mix and match to create your very own ensemble! So hit a store that sells quality vintage and retro stuff! You will find a great collection of dresses in styles that are long gone, yet will be fresh!

You can choose some short dresses in simple hues and then team it with a colorful patch work denim jacket! A retro dress with frills or a dress in a frock cut will make you look pretty and yet fun and vibrant!

Polka dots are one of the most popular styles in retro fashion and they look great on young people as well! So you can choose an A line polka dotted dress and team it with a sash or a pair of sneakers or boots as it will be a great blend of the two!

However if sporty is not your style then you can team colorful peep toes with the dress! Play with colors even if you are dressing for the evening. For e.g. if you are wearing a green dress with polka dots then you can pair it with red peep toes and a red satchel as well!

Cocktail and dinner dresses

If you do not prefer the fun and experimental styles in evening dresses then cocktail dresses and elegant dinner dresses are ideal for you!

Cocktail dresses are ideal if you are attending a semi formal occasion! However, when you are shopping for an evening dress you must keep your age in mind. So stick to something that will suit the occasion and help accentuate your youthfulness and age!

Do not go for typical dresses in dark hues. Rather it would be a great idea if you chose a dress in cocktail style but with some floral patterns over it! If you do not find one then you can add on a simple and elegant crochet shrug over your cocktail dress to give it a new look! You can also opt for a denim jacket over an elegant cock tail dress to keep the look young and fresh yet classy!

The clinched waist dresses are also a very popular fashion among the young girls today. So if you like this trend you can opt for cocktail dresses with a clinched waist and team it with a pair of colorful pumps and maybe add a quirky element by wearing a retro hair band! Being young comes with its advantages! So utilize it and dress fun!