Know The Reasons Behind Premature Hair Greying

Age is like a nightmare to everyone. Age marks the upcoming of loads of unwanted “qualities” in your life which disgusts you every second you live. Imagine, at the moment you are about 20 or 25, moving about in vanity, flaunting your skin and looks and loving people praise your flawless beauty.

But just a few decades later, in your middle age, you will start getting all of those unwanted materials in your appearance which will just destroy your image! Well, age strikes everyone and you will have to face the consequences at one time or the other. Why not postpone it for some time? Isn’t that a great idea?

Wrinkles and patches on the skin, reduced skin glow, loss of bone health, cramps n muscles, etc. etc. are the list of symptoms that will tell you that you are now entering your older days.

Another breathtaking realization is the one which you get suddenly one fine morning. You stand before your mirror brushing your hair, and wow! You have a gray hair! Congratulations! You will be panic stricken as to where and how to hide it.

So, why not take the correct preparation from no itself so that you could postpone this mishap by some more years. Our daily life is full of events which are responsible for such aging problems. So, a quick review and renovation of our daily plans can make this happen.

Mind Your Suicidal Diets

In today’s world, fast foods canon the market. The need to cope up with the speed of life and business strategies has destroyed our food habits. Consumers choose convenience above nutrition.

This is one of the most vital factors of going gray. Researchers have declared that our diet must contain a high amount of amino acids and calcium. This helps in the promotion of melanogenesis that is the production of the pigment melanin which keeps the hair elements flooded with color.

Have You Known The Vitiligo?

This is strange condition where the body loses the power in hair and skin coloration due to reduction in melanin production. The amino acid tyrosine is responsible for color in hair and skin. The sudden change in the melanin production causes the hair to lose the color that it gets naturally. So the hair which grows after such a change has no color in it. Thus it appears to be gray.

“Smoking Is Injurious To Health.” Mind It.

Other than severe diseases like cancer, kidney damage and heart failures; growth of gray hair is also a curse of smoking. Several surveys have been carried out on this field. One of the most striking statistics says that smokers have gray hair about four times more than non-smokers. So smokers, you have still another reason as to why you should quit that deadly evil.

Are you lacking Folic Acid?

Folic acid has been suggested to be one of the best methods to stop gray. You have no idea how miraculously this supplement can act. Researchers carrying out several tests have proved the fact that patients suffering from a gray attack can actually get a difference with consuming folic acid and vitamin B12 supplements.

Surveys show that people who have gone through such a treatment have experienced the re-pigmentation of their hair. So, now you know how you could go back to the past without a time machine!

Throw Away Your Tooth Whiteners!

Does your tooth whitener cost more than your tooth paste? Well, it can be costlier when you would come to know that this acts as another vital factor in hair gray. The increase in hydrogen peroxide in your body results in the death of the melanocyte, enzymes which are responsible for hair coloration.

Studies on this field have shown that even if your body gets a small dose of hydrogen peroxide, it can fire the start of melanocyte death. Hydrogen peroxide is one of the main ingredients in tooth whiteners and so each time your white teeth show up, you must remember your gray hair too.

Pollution Is A Hazard. It’s A Hazard For Your Hair Too.

You must thank the free radicals in the environment every morning once you get up. They’re so responsible; they keep on damaging your skin! Now, do you expect that your hair is safe from this? Absolutely not! The free radicals bond themselves with our hair molecules and cause reduction in pigmentation.

Your Heredity Might Cost You.

A common problem with hair gray is that it follows a strict hereditary structure. You will be prone to hair gray at the same age if your parents or their parents have had the gray at a particular age. Researchers have proved this fact that your genetics not only will determine your hair color but also the age at which your hair will turn gray.

Be Careful With The Serums And Lotions.

Your hair care is completely dependent on you. There are several bands of advertisements coming up on the television every now and, offering loads of products for hair, skin, etc.

Many of these companies show you a polished look of their product, promising several features; but in real they might just be very professional about the quality of their product.

So, it is your duty to have a closer look at every other material that you keep on applying on your hair. Hair bleaches, hair dyes, etc. are all full of chemicals, mainly hydrogen peroxide. This will kill your hair color in no time.

Cut Your Stress

Scientists also say that if you keep on continuing with a stressed out life for years and years, you are likely to develop gray before your age. Excess stress again increases production of H2O2 in our body, which kills the melanocyte present in the hair follicles. Take off your stress with yoga and exercises and live a healthy and peaceful life. This will rejuvenate your hair.


Oh! What a sweet and small little word, yet it is so painful to digest. There is no way you could handle this, no matter what precaution you take. Aging causes amino acids and enzymes production in the body to slow down and therefore leads to gray growth.