Laser Hair Removal Treatment Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair

Since years laser treatment has become popular for its painless way of hair reduction. The process operates by passing a laser beam through the skin. This heated laser beam is passed to cure the dark pigment called the ‘melanin’ which is present in the hair strands to destroy the hair follicle immediately. Hair removal laser treatment is a secure of hair reduction or removal, a way to get rid of unwanted hair.

This treatment can be used on any part of the body including the skin areas like Back, bikini area, Chest, legs , Bikini and pubic area. Initial stage preparation for the laser treatment starts seven days before taking the first treatment and there are different steps and procedures involved. Before one week from the laser treatment you have to discard all normal hair removal procedures.

Laser Hair Removal is not at all painful

The laser treatment or “photoepilation” is on the “cutting” edge of hair removal techniques available in today’s medical field. Because, the effectiveness of the laser hair removal treatment is ever increasing by holding the hand of the new technology.

Along with capability, the dimensions of laser hair removal candidates has increased day to day a lot over the past few years. There are scores of benefits of laser treatment. It is considered to be painless as compared to other methods; its technique is deemed safe by the ‘FDA’.

The laser hair removal method is very effective for deleting hair from large body areas .The hair removal laser treatments takes only a few minutes for smaller areas. The primary advantage of a laser treatment is the speed of the treatment with the long-lasting results. To remove hair from the back with a laser treatment usually takes about an hour.

Methods of Hair Removal

Treatments using Laser Unwanted hair on body and face is a major problem that is causing distress in both male and female. While the number of laser hair treatments is available but most of the people will require at least three treatments to achieve the perfect results. It is totally depend on the maximum or the minimum size of the area to be treated.

The reason for the multiple laser hair removal treatments is that while all treated hair is temporarily disabled during the laser treatment, all of the hair follicles are not removed or omit. As a result, a classification of laser treatments will be necessary for results to become more permanent.

Generally, most people don’t require more than six laser hair removal treatments. Hair follicles grow in a particular cycle. For permanent results, the treatments should be repeated 3-6 times, at 7-13 week break. Total laser hair removal treatment process will totally depend on the treated area, as the growth cycle that varies from different body area.

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Possible side effects in Laser Treatment:

Both men and women are deciding for laser hair removal procedure as there are almost no side effects. The laser hair removal accessories used is safe and is certified by the ‘FDA’.

Laser Hair Removal Costs in the U.S

The cost of laser treatments can change extensively all over the state and country. The laser hair removal costs will change depending on each person’s hair profile. This hair treatment prices vary from clinic to clinic. The cost of treatment also varies from the amount of treatment and the number of treatments period one has to undergo.

Fixed Fee:

Laser hair removal prices are sometimes based on a fixed price. The fixed fee depends on either treatment or package basis. It means that all women’s legs are approx. $350 per treatment regardless of the amount of hair to be removed. Another practice is where the clinic will charge a fixed price for a package of treatments. This may be or may not be vary depending on a person’s leg hair growth patterns.

Treatment Time:

This pricing scale is similar to the structure used in electrolysis treatments. A number of laser hair treatment clinics will charge per 15 minute segment for laser hair removal. Treatment of a woman’s legs will take about an hour for an individual treatment with the clinic charging $100 per 15 minute segment of laser treatment. The cost of this treatment would be$400.

Fee per Pulse:

Every time the laser equipment diffuses light called as pulse. Some clinics charge based on the number of pulses needed to complete the procedure for a particular area of the body. The hair removal treatment would cost the patient either by the number of pulses or minimum fee for the body area. All clinics might charge $400 based on a minimum charge of $250, includes the first 250 pulses and a dollar per pulse thereafter.

Laser hair removal treatment works best on those people with dark hair and fair skin. Laser hair removal treatment is most successful when the hair is in its anagen phase. This lasts for several years — 85% of our hair is in that phase at any given time. During this phase, the hair is easily damage and more easily destroyed.

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Laser hair removal treatment is effective in destroying hair from its roots. The statistics study shows that 60-95% of the hair is removed permanently after course of treatment. You will not be affected by in growths, red bumps, skin irritations etc. The effectiveness of hair removal treatment by laser depends on individual characteristics like type of skin, hair, and the amount of pigmentation. It is a safe and secure hair removal process that relieves you from the worries of in-growth.

The treatment process delays hair growth to a great extent if the person is not suffering from any hormonal disorders. Several sittings are required to enjoy hair free period but periodic maintenance is mandatory. So now your confident is all boosted up and you feel good.

You are literally freed from discomfort of in growth and low self-confidence. In the long term, you can save the time and bucks as the cost of laser treatment is much less than the electrolysis, process of waxing or other methods.