Leather Care For Every Accessory

Leather is a very common material used for making many accessories. It provides elegance, style, and an impressive appearance. But, for anything to be presentable it requires utmost care.

Care is required for any product you buy from the market. Be it handbags, wallets, clothes, shoes etc.  Just throwing it away around the house will not make it last for a long time. So of course, if you want the value for the money you have spent, you have to value that product and take care of it. So let’s discuss the few common tips of leather care for every accessory.

Few Important Points To Be Kept In Mind:

The most important point to be kept in mind after buying any leather product is that you have to learn to respect it. Though it’s just a piece of leather, but if you don’t care for it then it won’t last long in your hands.

Secondly, after using the product or the accessory, whatever you have bought, you should pack and store it properly in your cupboard. Just throwing it around the room will not help in making it last long, giving it cuts and tears.

Another important fact to be remembered is that you should not crush or crumble the leather material you have. Hang it properly while storing.

Do’s with Leather Accessories:

Always store the leather accessory empty. If it is a shoe then store it with a shoe tree or stuff tissue papers inside to help in retaining its shape. Hang the clothes in a hanger and probably a wooden one, so that it can retain its shape.

As soon as you buy a new leather product, apply to it a good quality leather conditioner or cream. You should clean the material with a soft and damp cloth to remove the dust from it.

Don’ts with leather accessories:

Never store your leather accessory in a plastic bag. Believe it or not but leather breathes. So try placing and storing it in a cloth bag instead. Otherwise there might be bacteria formation on it.

Do not use deodorants or perfumes while wearing a leather jacket or on any leather material for that case. Don’t expose your leather handbags or any other thing to the sun. If it gets wet then let it dry naturally, don’t apply iron heat or blow dryer to hasten the drying process.

Don’t drench or soak it with water. This will cause shrinkage of the leather. Also there might be swelling.

Leather Care In Simple Steps:

Leather care is a very important step after purchasing one; otherwise it will lead to a detrimental shape of your leather. There are four important steps for care and protection of leather. They are cleaning, conditioning, polishing and then protection.

The first step is to clean the leather after purchasing it. You should clean the bag with a soft moistened cloth. Nubuck cleaning cloth is available in the market for the cleaning of leather. It is known for its good cleaning nature also helps restore the leather to its original look.

The next step is conditioning. This process helps in lubricating the leather and in replenishing its suppleness. This is to be done occasionally. While conditioning your leather few points must be kept in mind.

Photo Credit: thisnext.com

Firstly, you not use any petroleum by-products or conditioners that contain silicon and wax since these do not allow the leather to breathe.You should always use a soft cloth which is lint free for applying the conditioner, but it should be kept in mind that the conditioner should be first applied to the cloth and then on the leather and not directly.

Otherwise it can leave marks and spots on the leather surface. After conditioning the leather, we have to polish it for better shine and luster.  We apply polish on the leather not regularly but for occasional and special use. This is done to provide a glossy effect on the surface.

You have to rub the polish over the leather material with a cloth in slow circular motions to provide the smooth shiny finish. After the stage of conditioning, comes the most important stage which is protection.

Protection of leather is a crucial step since without this your leather might get cracks, tears or might get worn out. Without proper protection, the leather might even end up loosing its color or become dry.

Beware of the fake brands or poor quality:

Good quality leather usually lasts for a long time if proper care is taken of it. While buying a leather bag, wallet, laptop case, etc. you have to be careful that you are not cheated. The leather will look the same to a lay man, and it’s not easy to differentiate the duplicity.

Hence while buying a bag you must check the lining of the bag. A good branded bag will always have a lining of a high quality along with soft, pliable leather quality. Also it will come with the tag of the designer. The popular hand bag designers are Prada, Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Coach etc. and usually a copy of these brands are impersonated so buyers beware.

Home care:

Leather is nothing but an animal skin, so like human skin needs protection, leather too needs to be protected from being mishandled. The most common home remedy for protection of leather is coconut oil. Though many other creams available in the market too.

Another of the home remedy for leathers is shoe polish. You should apply this with a soft cloth and rub it vigorously. Remember vigorous rubbing brings out more shine.You can use mild soap and water for washing leather furniture. But the same should not be tried for other leather accessory like belts, shoes, bags.

Also remember that moisture is the main cause for the fading or wearing out of leather. Hence try preventing your leather from being exposed to rain or any other water source. If your leather is stained with grease, then put talcum powder there since powder helps in absorbing excess moisture from leather and keeps it dry.

If the stain is due to ink then you can apply a home solution of milk and baking soda in 5:1 proportion. You should rub this solution from a cloth and after that apply coconut oil.

For keeping your leather soft you can make a home solution comprising of white vinegar and linseed oil in the proportion 1:2. Then apply this and let it dry for few hours. You can also store this solution.

Enjoy the rich and appealing feel of your leather with extra care and protection. Protect your leather and care for it from the very first day and not after it starts to deteriorate. Since, prevention is better that cure.