Look Beautiful With The Right Makeup Skills

Makeup is always considered as an art. It is a totally improper way of wearing a makeup if that means dabbing on loads of face powder, applying uneven and strikingly vibrant colors on to the lips and painting the cheeks ‘doll’ red. Neither is that proper method of putting on makeup, nor will a woman look good in such a way.

Makeup needs to be chaste and elegant and should enhance the positive features of your face while wisely and neatly covering the flaws. It is totally a foolish idea to make a woman with dark complexion fair or a fair lady tanned. None of the options will give you the desired look.

Hence, it is very important to know the skilled techniques of applying makeup on various parts of your face, so that you get the right looks that will make you a success in every part you go, every occasion you attend and every place you visit.

Things to do before starting makeup

Before creating a base makeup, make attempts so that it stays on to the face. Thus, cover a chunk of ice cube with a soft cotton cloth and rub all over your face gently. After you are through with the process, pat your face dry with a towel. Now dab on some astringent onto a cotton ball. Apply this all over your face in circular motion, softly. Astringent cleans the face and also prevents the base makeup from melting away. So, your face is now ready for application of base foundation.

Technique to apply base makeup

Apply foundation all over your face in dots. Next, blend it well, all over your face, in gentle, circular and clockwise movements. Remember to choose foundation base according to your skin type. If you have an oily skin, go for water based foundation. While, settle for cream based, heavy foundation for dry skin and oil based foundation for natural skin.

The technique to be followed for application of foundation is that, start from your lower jaw and blend well as you cross the area around your ears and reach your cheeks. Choose two shades of foundation; one, a shade lighter and another, a shade deeper. Generally settle for the darker shade on the cheeks, just a bit above the jaws and forehead. This will give your face the chiseled look that is in nowadays. But, if you prefer a fuller look then select a single color for the whole of your face.

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Keep in mind to select the color of the foundation that is to be used for the major part of the face but match your natural skin tone. The trick of choosing the right color for your face is to match the shade of the foundation with that of the skin at the back of your neck. To make the foundation even more natural, mix some water with it smoothly, when you intend to apply it.

After applying the foundation, set it in by dabbing some talcum powder over it evenly, all over your face. Brush off the extra powder after your base makeup gets complete.

Technique to apply makeup for your nose

Nose is one of the most difficult parts of the face to apply makeup on. The shapes and sizes of nose of women vary from one to another. Why only women, types of noses are not same for every person in general irrespective of gender. So, there is no general makeup rule for nose.

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Hence, you need to use two shades of makeup for your nose; one a darker shade and another lighter shade, to get your desired shapely nose. Apply the lighter shade on the top area of the nose while the darker shade is to be applied on the sides of your nose. Remember to blend it properly, so that there are no two prominent lines of foundation over your nose.

If your nose is blunt, broad or small, then go for foundation shade of a tone darker than that of your face. Apply the foundation on the sides of your nose and extend till the lower part of your eyebrows.

Technique to apply makeup for your eyebrows

As like as the nose, eyebrows are also different from women to women. While some have a sharp arch, others have round eyebrows. Again, while some women have broad eyebrows, others have very thin ones. Some women even have very scanty hair on their eyebrows. So be very careful as you apply makeup on to your eyebrows. While you thread your eyebrows remember some tips.

A round face with arch shaped eyebrows look beautiful. Similarly, an elongated face will look best in thin eyebrows.A face which is plump and big, matches well with a pair of thick eyebrows.

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Go for dark charcoal color eye pencil instead of black, for lining and painting your eyebrows. It gives a natural look. Work in small strokes and begin from the corners.

Technique to apply makeup for your eyes

Before applying makeup for your eyes, massage the area with a gel based, quick absorbing eye cream. This will make your eyes look healthy and the skin around them hydrated. Now, apply concealor, in a shade lighter than that of your face foundation.

Blend well so that it hides your dark circles and wrinkles but does not stand out unusually. Now, apply lines of eyeliner around your eyes. For smaller eyes, go for a fine line all over your eyes and for bigger eyes, settle on a broader line. Use mascara on the lashes and add highlighter on your upper eye socket.

Technique to apply makeup for your lips

Lips should be moisturized and smooth. Chapped and dry lips are the enemy of a perfect makeup. So, before applying lip color, hydrate your lips properly by massaging in a good quality lip balm or moisturizer. Next, in order to ensure that your lip color remains flawless for a longer period, apply a thin coat of foundation over your lips before using lip stick. Now, outline your lips neatly with a lip liner pencil.

Choose its tone a shade deeper or similar to that of your lip color. Never go for strikingly different shades. Finally fill inside the outline by using a brush, coated with the color you intend to wear on your lips. Finish off with a thin coat of shimmery or watery lip gloss to add glamour to your lips.

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