Look Gorgeous While Travelling

In today’s busy world, we are running short of time to care for the skin or look beautiful. Frequent traveling and long flights can drain moisture from your skin, making you look fatigued and stressed out.

Proper skin regime is essential to bring a balance replenish lost moisture.Hydrate yourself well, skip drinks and soda. Eat small light meals, through out the day to keep your skin look healthy and fresh for hours.

Use make up tricks to freshen up and look chic within minutes.

If you are jetting off to a vacation or heading to a weekend getaway, follow some simple makeup tricks to look radiant after a long flight.
Concealers are ideal for long trips, it conceals blemishes to give a flawless look .

Apply just a dot on your skin and blend it well with clean fingers and alight from the plane, looking fresh.  The concealer sticks are available in different shades and they are helpful while traveling as some of them are formulated to hydrate the skin and improve the skin texture.

Facial spritzers are great to use while traveling; it soothes your skin in varying temperatures. Many different facial spritzers are available in the market that contains antioxidants and refreshing ingredients that can revive tired skin.

Long haul of flight can irritate the eyes; they tend to become puffy. You can use pre moistened eye pads with cucumber juice and other rejuvenating natural extracts to cool the eye and lessen the puffiness and dark circles.

Leave the pads on the eyes for 15-20 minutes. It will give your eyes an instant boost. The best time to apply the pads on the eyes is, one hour before landing. Carry your eye lash curler along, to curl your lashes before you apply a fresh few coats of mascara before you land.

Due to moisture imbalance lips become dry while travelling. Before applying a fresh coat of lipstick/gloss, remove the traces of lip stick, to avoid piling up of dead cells and flakes on your lips.

Finally to look gorgeous, apply mineral makeup, it gives a flawless skin tone.

As moisture is sucked out while flying, the skin look pale and ashy and the pores of the skin get enlarged; mineral make up hides these flaws making you look gorgeous.
Enjoy your travelling and look great too!