Look Sexy With 9 Different Types of Bra Cups

Choosing a bra cup that fits nicely over your breasts is the prerequisite for being comfortable with what ever attire you choose for yourself. Depending upon whether you want to cover your bosom entirely or want to divulge your cleavage, you can choose from several different types of bra cups that area readily available in market.

You may be using a particular type for many years and may feel the need to switch over to some other type, either for some special purpose or for just flaunting your skin. We have created a list of some popular cup types; just go through it and choose a style for yourself.

Full Cup:

Such bras are meant for full coverage of the bust, hence imparting full support to the breasts. They usually come with wired system in order to add extra support. If you are a woman with full bosom and have no qualms about looking conservative, go for full cups.

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But that is not all… A glam look can also been achieved in with such cups. The designers have come up with styles that let you go for a more sophisticated look. You can even go for seamless full cups or those that are embroidered or laced.

Half Cup:

They partially cover the bust and are specially meant for wearing under deep cut attires. The overall look of the half cups is much more seductive look than the full cups. Meant for provide a good cleavage to those with firm breasts, these cups ideally support the bust size.

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About a quarter of your bobs get covered by them and you can manage to look gorgeous, particularly if your dress is a bit revealing. Such bras are cut with an angle in order to work like pushup ones and add to the cleavage.

Demi Cup:

A more sexy brassieres look can be achieved with a demi cup which exposes a larger portion of the bust, thus allowing for low cuts and V-necklines. About half of the bosom remains exposed in a demi; in fact, they are designed to reach an inch higher than the nipples.

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Closely related to half cup and often confused for a push up bra, the demi cup bras add extra push to the breasts due to their typical tilt design. They come with underwire support system and give you the firm and exotic look. Women with smaller breasts can add sensuality to their look via demi cups.

Padded Cups:

As the name suggests, these cups are padded from inside in order to enhance the bust line and to give it a slight upward push. They do the function of push up bras but are not exactly like them. The cups may be thinly or thickly padded, depending upon the amount of lift required.

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Generally the padded stuff is made up of cotton, fiber, synthetic or foam. While in some bras, this padding is removable, in others, it is sewn with the cloth. It is a perfect choice for those women who aren’t blessed with the firm breasts. In some, an underwire system is present to give full support and fullness. Delude others with your ‘oh so perfect’ cleavage and feel good.

Open Cup:

Also known by the names, open shelf, open tipped or open bust, these are a range of exclusive lingerie that expose your breasts entirely. The only purpose that they serve is to add an extra support from the bottom of the breasts so that bust looks fuller.

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They impart an ultra glam look to your outfit and are quiet alluring. The open tip cups, a variant of the open cups, cover a major portion of the bust but leave nipples exposed.

Adhesive Cups:

As is clear from their name, adhesive cups stick to your bosoms completely. A perfect choice for backless outfits, these special cups have no straps attached to hem. These breast enhancers are easy to wear and remove, and are backless.

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Try different type of cleavage looks by sticking them differently onto your breasts. If the cups are fitted too close, you get a deep cleft. The cups are usually are made in silicone or foam. The absence of back closure is covered by a front clasp. The cups are moldable, reusable any number of times, and are comfortable.

U-Plunge Cups:

Meant for dresses that have very deep cuts, U-Plunge cups give you the sensuousness and steaminess that you desire. The cups are attached well below the bustline and are designed in U shape. Generally the attachment is near the waistline, allowing you to expose a lot of skin.

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They come with a slight push up, are wired in the middle of cups, and have the flexibility of convertible straps. There are pockets within the cups where you can attach silicone pads. The flexible straps make you choose from several types of necklines like cris-cross, halter etc.

Drop Cups:

An ideal choice for the women who breastfeed their babies, Drop cup or nursing bras are comfortable and easy to use. It can relieve you of the many problems related to breastfeeding your child. Each of the drop cups is fitted with a clip on its top; whenever you need to feed your baby, just open that clip; that particular breast will drop down, thus allowing the baby to have the milk.

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Meant entirely to take care of the delicate breast tissue, Drop cup also saves you from inflammation problems resulting from an ill-fitted bra. The size of breasts keeps on changing after pregnancy is over; this particular bra helps by adjusting with the changes. These cups come in various designs and colors.

Molded Cups:

A type of seamless bra, molded cups are made form a flexible material that can be molded easily to cover the breasts’ shape and size. As they are completely seamless, you are at the liberty of wearing them under any type of dresses.

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They impart a natural contour to the bust and are suitable for both almost all bosom sizes. Select the cup size that suits for your bust; let others do ‘wow’ for your glamour choice.

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