Look Taller – 7 Ways To Add A Few Inches

Those long legged fashion models always make us long for that pop up genie with his wish granting abilities. But let us face it, no amount of day dreaming about rubbing up corroded lamps is going to get us any taller!

But there are certain tips and tricks which will make you look taller.

The easiest and the most obvious way to adding a few inches to your height is going on stilettos. Choose the maximum length of the heels you can carry without causing cramps. (or any other damage) Also make sure that you are can walk comfortably and gracefully in those heels.

People are not bound to notice your increased height if you end up walking like a duck! If stilettos are a problem for you, you can go with medium high platform heels.

If for some reason, you can not actually increase your height with your footwear, trick the eye into believing you have added a few inches. Go for monochromatic clothing, as it has an instant lengthening effect.

Choosing colours of the same colour palette makes a vertical impact of the eye, thus making you look taller. it generally works better with darker colours like dark blues and grays.

Another way of tricking those eyes is going for vertical patterns. Choose clothes than have vertical stripes, thinner the better! Vertical patterns add to the length while horizontal patterns do the exact opposite. So avoid going horizontal. V-neck garments also create an illusion of height.

Style a puffed up hairdo. Adding fullness to the hair at the crown will definitely make you look taller. Avoid styles that are very sleek at the top.

Avoid clothes that cut the eye at odd proportions (an ankle length skirt is a very good example) Go for skirts that reach the knee or above. If you opt for jeans, go for skinny fit or high waist to add height to your legs.

Mix long and short garments, for example, a long coat with a short skirt, or a short jacket over long pants. Contrasting proportions give the illusion of height.

And lastly, stand taller (even sit taller) Nothing makes you look taller than an erect posture.