Lycra Blended Fabric: Apt For Summer

With approaching summers one thing which needs lot of attention and planning is apt cloths for summers. Cloths to make style statement and provide ease. Just before I was scanning the options of fabrics I read about Lycra’s growing popularity in textile market.

Lycra Chemistry

LYCRA is a man-made elastic fiber. It has properties of being stretchy and flexible. Lycra is basically combined with another fiber such as cotton, silk, and synthetic fibers. By Adding Lycra comfort, freedom of movement and proper fit and shape can be attained.

Properties of Lycra

Lightweight, supple, smooth and soft Resistant to worsening by body oils, perspiration, lotions or perfumes. Can be most suitable sports or gym wear for its properties of repeatedly stretched and still recover to its original length and shape.

Lycra Blended Fabric

In garments, provides a combination of comfort and fit, prevents bagging and sagging Dyeable- hence available in various colorful options – such as Sun yellow, Mustard, Scarlet, Deep red, Magenta, Royal Blue, Turquoise, Rust brown, Emerald, Grey and jet black Luster of the fabric remains even in high heating point.

What’s In Trend Lycra Blended Fabric

It was in “fall 2002 New York Fashion Week”, Lycra fiber was introduced in various forms of garments, such as undergarments, swimsuits, athletic apparel, Polo T-shirts.  Polyester and Lycra blends T-shirt comes with Pigment print and quite popular in casual wear for both males and females.

These days even denims are also treated with Lycra. Numbers of popular apparel chains are offering maternity fashion using Lycra as it allows garments to be more lightweight, comfortable, breathable, resistant to bacteria and ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Lycra is gaining lot of popularity among designers specially to design cloths for teenagers and sports person.  Black Lycra is in a new line of undergarments for women. Due to its naturally black property, making it an extremely intense and uniform black fabric that resists fading.

Garments made with Lycra have a number of advantages besides just having elasticity. It is perfect fiber for fit better, feel better and look better.