Make A Splash With Jelly Sandals

Yes along with the rains, bright colored jelly sandals are also back in fashion! The good part is that many top end designers (Gucci, Chanel, and Gaultier) are also cashing in on the trend thus making it acceptable to wear it for that glam evening outing.

If you are wondering what exactly are jelly sandals, they are shoes or sandals made of PVC plastic.

They were quite the rage in the 1980’s world wide, and in India every monsoon a whole range shows up on the street side stalls. But this time around the trend has resulted in innumerable variations and every brand starting from high end to low end has its own take on them.

Jelly sandals get their name from the jelly like shine that the plastic imparts to it. Apparently they were first manufactured after World War II when there was a leather shortage in France.

In the 1960’s plastic was a commonplace material in everyday life and a lot of companies started to experiment with it as well. In the 1980’s they were all over US and traveled quickly all over the world. The most famous high end brand of jelly sandals are Melissa shoes which are the favorite of celebrities and are designed by top designers.

Let’s take a look at the trendy and chic versions which have emerged now (some of which are priced beyond the means of the normal folk!)


See by Chloe` is a collection of tie-back jelly sandals in bright eye popping colors like orange, sunflower yellow, moss green as well as the more traditional black. Perfect for a concert or picnic in the park.


Givenchy has a range of gladiator sandals. One design is a lace up which comes in coral, black gray etc and the other is a gladiator without the caging and it has an elegant chain link in front. It’s great for older women who want to try out the trend without looking teenager “ish”.

Stuart Weitzman

Stuart Weitzman has this entire collection which is perfect to add a dash of bling to your outfit. There are jelly sandals with sequins on them, some with crystals which look like tiny dew drops; a few have colored stones and huge flowers on them. The bases of the sandals often have a faux textured leather look which gives them a “rich’ feel.


When a company like Chanel starts offering you jelly sandals, you know that they are going to be super glam. Starting from the single large diamante or striking ‘camellia’ flowers or entwined Chanel logo on the toe strap to the feminine silhouettes of the sandals everything spells class. No wonder even Cameron Diaz and Rihanna are fans.

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J .Renee

J .Renee is a well known name for dressy sandals and now jelly sandals have also been added to their list. Metallic turquoise and pink combined with clear straps encrusted with crystals are a lethal combination while some of their sandals are made of Lucite as well as PVC.


Burberry with their trademark “Burberry checks” has jelly sandals with a transparent caging on top and the checks print on the base of the sandals. It’s perfect to step out on the beach without the danger of getting your shoes spoilt and yet your feet look pretty. It comes in interesting colors such as raspberry and jet blue along with the more conservative black.

Jack Rogers

If you wanted to wear a pair of jelly sandals for your wedding day (if it is a beach or garden wedding) then don’t fret. The Jack Rogers fiori jelly sandals are the perfect pair for you. It’s elegant with dainty flowers attached on the top of the straps. It comes in transparent and black with buckled side straps( so no slipping off your feet moments) and the big beautifully crafted flowers makes them look lovely.


Now coming to the diva of all shoes, PVC shoes. It’s Melissa, a Brazilian brand which first introduced them to the world and now has world famous architects and designers working on their designs. So whether its sneakers to wedges to high heels to mary janes to booties, you name it they have it.

The best part is that they are made from Melflex a type of plastic that is recyclable and hypoallergenic making it good for you as well as the environment.

Jean Paul Gaultier with his trademark avant-garde style has designed boots with thin heels in a mesh design. Vivienne Westwood with tassels or sculpted buckles or elaborate heart shape cutouts has designed some unusual pieces for the company as well.

Jimmy Choo

When it’s Jimmy Choo, you can be rest assured that it’s not going to be just another pair of sandals. The jelly sandals have been taken to a very ultra fashionable level by making transparent and fluorescent gladiators with studs. It looks punkish and yet chic enough for St. Tropez. In fact even Nicole Ritchie has been spotted wearing a pair of Jimmy Choo Maui jelly sandals on her vacation.

Juicy Couture

Last but not least if you are a trendy teenager or are young at heart then Juicy Couture has just the range for you. They have roman gladiator inspired transparent jelly sandals with embellished medallions on them.

Pleated plastic flowers in attractive colors, a bunch of tiny flowers with diamante studded on top, gorgeous jewel details on toe straps, flaming orange or baby pink roses, are some of the details on their designs. They also have a collection of flip-flops which are pretty hip.

So with the rains making it difficult to walk around in your usual shoes, it’s time to switch track to jelly sandals. There’s no need to feel desolate about not being able to look like a fashion icon in the monsoons now.

With a wonderful range of sandals in the market, you are sure to find one which suits your fancy and your pocket .So take your pick and make a splash in the world of fashion with your new jelly sandals!

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