Make-Up Essentials While You’re On The Move

Every women wants that she looks good all the time, even while she is sleeping, so why not when you are traveling? While you are on the move, it become even more important that you carry your beauty essentials with you as your face goes through extreme weather like rain, wind, sweat, and with all this you can not rely on the make-up that you do before leaving the house.
Now, it is very difficult to carry the entire make-up with you always but there are certain items that you should always carry and by applying these items you can maintain your face well.

First is a compact powder or liquid foundation, which ever you use depending on your skin type. This is the base of all your makeup, so it has to be with you. You can carry a smaller bottle with less quantity in your hand bag. While traveling you may want to wash your face, but do not do it because your make up would wash away. But when you have a foundation with you, you can always apply it and get a clean and even look.

Lipstick and gloss is another very important thing to carry. Your face gets a “ready” look after you apply a lip color. Keep two of them with you, colors that suit you the most, no matter what you are wearing (these are mostly shades in pink or brown). Also, use non transferable lip-stick so that it stays on longer and does not get washed away.

Another one is kohl pencil or eye liner. They are easy to carry as they come in pencils, this make them very conveniently applicable. Even if you use liquid eye liners, it is better that you carry a pencil liner while traveling. Yet if you only use liquid liner, keep the lid tightly locked, in fact it is for all the liquid products that you carry; always keep the lids of the bottle closed properly.

Always use waterproof make-up products so that they stay longer. Keep checking all your products that you keep in your hand bag, the quantity, the expiry date, any spoilage. Whatever needs to be replaced should be done immediately as these items are to be applied on your face and can cause allergies if you use expired or spoiled products.