Make Up Making Style Statement

In the epoch of fashion every one wants to look perfect and with the rapidly growing fashion and cosmetic industry it has become much easier to grab the looks making style statement. Today cosmetic industry is offering numerous trends; make up styles to make apt style statement where one has freedom to apply just any color leaving behind the traditional and stereotype makeover , not just restricted to pink, red or brown shades for lip color and blushes restricted to red, pink or base color.

Infact there are numerous options available in market. We all are fascinated to apply makeup seen over models or actors, giving vibrant yet subtle looks and that can be feasibly achieved with cosmetics range available in market.

Smoke makeup: In order to retain this look one has to concentrate on using more of ash colors like, Grey, brown, silver in order to make the base. Here applying highlighting eyes and lips are main art with section of perfect combination of colors. In order to highlight your eyes use black, grey with tint of silver eye shadows.

Don’t miss to eye line your eye contour with eye pencil and colored mascara. This makes your eyes look venomous. Further in order to color the lips just choose opposite to you eye shadow colors like pink, or may be just shimmer to highlight the lips. This make up is suitable for noon parties and even to be worn on brunch.

Ramp Makeup: For ramp looks one must adopt vibrant, loud and dark colors. In order to give simmering looks to skin, use dusky simmer on face. Simmer must match with your skin shade or else it will generate patches on your face. One can mix the foundation and simmer and apply on face. For eyes use only black eye shadow with tint of other color matching you outfit.

Also the lipstick must compliment the eye shadow tint. This maintains the uniformity of makeup and complements the outfit you wear. This make can be worn to disc, dance parties just make sure that eye liner and eye shadows are water resistance or else sweat will ruin the entire job.