Make Up Tips For The Dark Women Or The Black Women

It’s rude to call someone dark or black but these women have an irresistible charm about them and they look beautiful when they apply the right make up. So if you are one of those attractive dark women and have started applying make up quite early, you can look for the perfect shades that suit your skin tone.

Black is wonderful and the darker the color, the glossier the skin of the dark women, the more attractive she is. Dark women or Black women have to choose their make up shades and their lipstick shades with precision. The make up tips for dark women will obviously be different from those for the fair women.

Bright vibrant colors that look great on fair women are not meant for the dark women. The shades that are the best for the dark women are often learnt through trial and error. You can find suitable make up tips or some wonderful and affordable tips on how to choose the best shades for yourselves.

For dark women who have red or yellow undertones the color spreads quickly and, also you can find a considerably good make up or foundation over the counter. If you have blemishes or dark spots you will have to choose a skin cream or foundation with care.

You can also use some loose powder or compact along with the concealer for the best look. If you have an oily skin, you can wear powder only as too much of foundation and cream would make the face look greasy.

Therefore investing in a good compact or a translucent powder that acts also as a concealer is a good buy. For that matter, if you have a combination skin, a blend of the powders and concealers would be good for you.

The colors that look good are Ebony brown, mocha, carob, caramel and so on, You can get such colors in various shades over the counter. You can try the colors on from the shades that are available and then go about choosing the shades that are useful for you.

You can choose from a wide range of concealers, blushes, lipsticks, mineral powders, bronzers and eye shadows and choose the ones that suit you. If you know what makes you look the best, you can make it in the long run.