Make-Up Turn-offs for Men!

You’re ready to rock the party in your best attire with some best brands make-up patches done on your skin. You also smell just too much with the latest fragrance in town. You were preparing to get right for the party since morning, but now your man seems distracted from you. Why? What can go wrong when you’re looking the best according to you?

Dear ladies, sometimes what seems best to us is indeed stupidity for our better half. Men rather prefer girls who stay natural and simple, yet elegant and ravishing! False eyelashes, bright red lipstick, dark lip-liner, penciled-in eyebrows, etc. are not what men want. Men want to see you in what you are and not what face these make-up kits give you.

Believe it or not! Men love the inner beauty in you, so don’t try to lure them with all these make-up tricks. For some men, makeup becomes the biggest barrier between them and their partner. “When I kiss you, I feel I’m kissing 10 fat layer of foundation!,” said one man to his wife. Embarrassing, isn’t?  Keep your looks simple and decent by avoiding all those gloopy mascara and panda eyes.

Would you want to know some real make-up turn-offs for men? Here they are.

• Numerous layers on foundation on your face. Remember, with this your face complexion differs from your chin and neck complexion. And this scene is “UGLY” to watch.

• Panda eyes. God gave you beautiful, attractive eyes. Why make them look different?

• Hoards of blusher. Don’t add that extra redness to your face with blusher. The blush that comes from within when your partner looks at you is what attracts him the most.

• Lipstick on teeth and bright lipstick. This is a big turn-off. The best place to put lipstick is lips and not teeth. Be extra careful with this. Also, bright red, maroon, green, etc. colors are not preferred by men. They like shades of pink, mauve, and brown.

• Clumpy mascara. Let your eyelashes flow naturally. Don’t give them extra bulge or weight by adding mascara or by applying false eyelashes on them.

• Pencilled-in eyebrows. This again takes your man away from you.


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