Make Your Hands Look And Feel Beautiful

Having soft beautiful hands takes some effort, especially if you are someone who is very active and uses her hands for lot of the works. Only moisturising your hands wont help in keeping your hands pretty and supple, you should follow a complete regime of cleaning, exfoliating, moisturising and caring for your hands to keep them looking young and beautiful.


True, this one goes without saying and is well known to everyone and is followed by most too. But the way you massage your hands and the amount of time you do it counts more than the type of moisturiser you use.Carry a moisturiser with you wherever you go and apply it as often as possible, even if your work is just sitting in front of the computer.Once in a week, apply mashed potato with milk on your hand as a hand mask.

Maintaining Your Nails:

Once in a week soak your hands in warm water with soap for couple of minutes and then trim and shape your nails. Dry them thoroughly before applying a good nail paint, you can apply a base coat before applying the nail color so that your fingers look natural and clean. Do not scrap off the nail paint from your nails, instead invest in a good remover. Eat food that are high in calcium and dairy products.

Washing Them:

While washing your hands see to it that it’s neither too hot nor too cold, wash them in room temperature instead. Once boil a teaspoon of chamomile and sage in water and dip your hands in for about 20 min. Dry them and apply moisturiser.

Proper Protection:

You must have noticed how dry your hands feel after you have worked with lots of water, like washing dishes or clothes. To prevent this from happening wear gloves before dealing with water or apply oil before doing any work that involves loads of water. Apply sunscreen before stepping out in the sun and wear gloves if you are planning go for a long ride on your bike.

Exfoliate For Pretty Hands:

Just like your face, just cleansing and moisturising is not enough, you need to exfoliate your hands too so that the blood circulation improves and your hands remain soft.You can always make a scrub at home using two tablespoon of butter and one tablespoon of sugar, massage your hands with it till the sugar dissolves.

Meera M.Das