Make Yourself Trendy With Stylish Handbags

Carrying a handbag has been both a trend and necessity over generations. It’s size, shape and colors have undergone sea changes from its origin, but never has the handbag or a purse got out of fashion!

Now-a-days, there are a variety of handbags, purses and strings in vogue.

Since, your handbag forms a vital part of your style statement, it makes all the difference in the world, if you end up choosing a wrong one.

Now, since you can’t afford to spend a grand on a Gucci or Jimmy Choo handbags, we’ll have to rely on the local market. However, do not fret, if you check the market, there are so many options available, that if only your little careful, you can hardly go wrong. Let me; still, give you a brief guide about choosing just the right one.

Since, a handbag must always accentuate the dress you are wearing, it is imperative that the co-ordination must be right. Going by the latest trends, I would say that you can either match the color, or keep a contrast, just don’t make either of them too loud. Try some of the following tips to get smart, trendy and stylish look while being very different from the crowd:

Denim: They’re cool, smart, comfortable, offer lots of space and look good with majority of casual dresses. Just don’t carry them with formals and they’ll highlight your cool attitude most perfectly.

Sequired Snake Patterns: You can carry them to office, college, for a date or a hang-out! They look smart and go with almost anything you wear. However, I prefer more sedate patterns rather than loud Lady Gaga types.

Perforated Leather Bags: If you trust the fashion gurus, this is what’s staging a great comeback this season. Again, it goes with anything and everything.

Not Too Big, Not Too Small: An average sized bag, with average string is what’s in. Avoid that large, human sized bag you had! A clutch, though, is still a favorite with flowing dresses and gowns.