Makeup for Festive Season

Festivals bring happiness and togetherness in our life. This time is perfect time to enjoy all colors of life and in order to enjoy the festivals to fullest one must adopt perfect styling and makeupJust some tips for women to enjoy your beauty and collect tones of complements.

When preparing to get ready in evening scrub or deep cleans your face properly , since you are doing quite lot of late night parties hence perfect care of face is necessary. Before applying make up rub the ice on your face in order to relax your pores and to make makeup stay for longer hours. After washing your face just apply oil free moisturize and massage till your skin soaks it completely. After this exercise apply foundation mixed with face powder.

The reason for using powder with foundation is to make the strong and thick layer on your skin which helps retain the makeup for longer. If require use concealer to hide the under eye dark circles. Since you are getting dressed up for night party one must use the foundation in excess quality. In addition to this also highlight your eyes and lips. In order to retain the festive season look one must apply multiple colored eye shadows and dark shades lipstick either red or burgundy.

To maintain the makeup on eyes start the eye makeup with eye cream. One has to be careful while applying cream it doesn’t spread over your eyelashes otherwise it will make them look greasy and heavy. After that just take face powder and apply around the eyes and spread evenly. Now comes the eyeliner turn. Before applying the eye liner, apply the layer of water with help of same brush and then apply the eye liner following the water track. This way liner shall remain for longer and won’t spread. Than apply mascara.

Now apply the lipstick, minor details are necessary or else this will ruin the entire exercise. At night use the anti-transfer property lipstick, these types of lipsticks are available under all big brand names. Apply the lip liner matching you lipstick color and prior to that make, layer of foundation on lips and than apply the lipstick.

Now you can move towards the expensive outfit and jewelry you have bought to make this festive season special.