Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes

Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes Makeup experts say that brown eyes are the most versatile to enhance with makeup. A wide range of colors and shades go with brown. So for those who have been saying that brown eyes are boring, you’re very wrong!

You can have the most fun with eye makeup and go as dramatic or as simple as you want. Starting from gold to black eye shadows, it’s a guarantee that brown eyes will always look fabulous.

Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes

Shades Of The Eye Color

The colors that you wear on your eyes depend on the shade of brown they are. Brown eyes can be divided into four types. Let’s take a look at each one and see what colors will look best.

Dark Brown

With this eye color, eye shadow colors that range from the medium to dark tones will look great. Darker shades can look a bit harsh at times though, so it might be better to opt for medium colors and use a highlighter that matches the lighter specks of brown in your eyes. The contrast between the eye shadow and the highlighter will add extra sparkle.

Medium Brown

The number of colors that go with this shade of brown is vast. Purples, violets, greens, copper, gold as well as bronze all look fabulous on medium brown eyes. For a more natural look, eye shadow can be used instead of eyeliner to line the eyes.

Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes

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This looks fresh and subtle.  For more dramatic and playful effects, you can apply multiple colors; just make sure they complement each other.

Light Brown

Light brown can look mesmerizing when the right color of eye shadow is applied. There’s no need for too much makeup for those  who have this eye color. Instead of using black eyeliner, you can use one in dark brown to make those beautiful brown eyes pop.

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For those with hazel eyes, you can play with colors that are a little darker than your skin tone. Black eyeliner might look a little too much with this eye color so skipping it would be better. Or you can opt for violet, bronze or dark brown liners if you do need to use eyeliner.

A Few Tips To Remember

If you have light brown eyes and want a smoky look, opt for shades like chocolate brown and gold to enhance the warmth of your eyes. For those with dark brown eyes, metallic and shimmery textures can help illuminate your eyes.

Blush can be used to draw attention to dark brown eyes. A peach shade on the apple of your cheeks can highlight your eyes. Instead of a safe shade of lip color, opt for a bright one to enhance your brown eyes. You don’t want your eyes and lips competing for attention, so keep the eye makeup minimal.

If you’re wearing dark eye makeup, wear a nude lipstick as it’ll help accentuate your eyes. If you wear a light lip color, stay away from neutral colors for the eyes; nothing is more boring.

For all the ladies who have brown eyes, stop thinking about how you wish you had blue or green eyes. Count your lucky stars, go play with colors for your eyes and make them look even more beautiful.

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