Master Neutrals With These 3 Outfits

If you think black is an easy color to pull off then you are going to have a wild time trying to sort out your neutral outfits. These colors are pale and can make you look washed out if you do not wear them correctly.

Also neutrals must be accessorized well so that you don’t look frumpy and dull and get lost in the outfit.

Whites, beiges, brown and grey fall in the neutral category and they are not too difficult to accessorize nor are they difficult to wear; yet women look dull and boring when they sport these colors. If you want to look your best in these neutral shades then here are a few tips to help you out.

For the first outfit I will talk about how to wear a dress in a neutral tone. This can be easy to wear but difficult to look gorgeous in. A tan dress or a grey dress can be worn with contrasting accessories and shoes. This will highlight not only the dress but the accessories as well. If you are wearing a shirt dress then a belt in a contrasting color and shoes that match the belt is a fun way to dress up the outfit. A tan dress can be teamed up with a vest or brown leather shoes. The outfit will come alive with a hint of masculinity along with a feminine touch.

Now, another hint that I will give you is to focus on the texture of the outfits. When you are wearing neutral shades you must pay close attention to the texture of the garment. You can wear a soft texture for a feminine look or give your outfit a rugged look by wearing a few bold accessories.

A skirt in a neutral tone is great as you can make a lot of changes with this look. Booties are a current sensation so team up the skirt with a pair of black booties on a tan skirt or red booties if you are wearing a grey skirt. Along with this you can wear a light shirt or blouse for a sensual look.

Blazers or jackets is neutral shades are a good investment as they can be teamed with a number of outfits. You can wear a neutral jacket with a pair of jeans for a casual look or over a pair of trousers or a skirt for a formal look. The key is to wear a neutral jacket with a bold colored outfit to make a statement.