Men’s Fashion: Spring Summer 2010

Calling all the fashion conscious guys. Are you ready for the new season? If you are still thinking about it, here’s a quick look at the possible trends this spring and summer. You need not buy the big labels in fashion to step ahead of the others. The price tag does not hang from the clothes, the style does.

So just know the trends and you can shop for your wardrobe accordingly. Also, new trends do not mean discarding your previous wardrobe completely. There is always a changeover trend in all fashion and identifying that can easily let you retain many of your favorite garments.

So let us take a look at what you can retain and what you should buy. The trend this season is not a great deviation from the classical American working man look, but a more tailored version of the same look. So this season you have the double breasted suits, denim shirts and rolled up jeans, white denim and cuffed trousers.

The checkered pattern remains as this season you will look trendy in the slim gingham button downs and plaid on plaids. Accessorize them with espadrilles and boat shoes and the classic aviator sunglasses. For the bags, the vintage leather look will be the perfect match.

You need not take part in a sport to get the perfect sportsman look and that is just what the street wear has become. So if you walk the streets in a horizontal striped polo shirt, Herrington jackets or parachute pants, you will be the fashion statement.

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The other objects are knee length nylon anoraks, piping in pants or jacket linings, scoop neck tees, tank tops, tennis shoes, and the color should be predominantly white. Yellow and orange are also in. For the holiday mood there is not much to choose from and specialists attribute that to the fallout of the economic upheaval that people went through.

Men’s Fashion

However, the fashion houses cannot sit idle and they have thought over and recommended the safari jackets, lightweight and transparent shirts with pleated shorts as holiday wear for those who want to look fashionable and trendy during their holidays.

Leather jackets, though may seem out of place in summer, are the trend for the hipsters and so are single color blocks. They are just the minor matters but can go a long way in giving you the desired look.