Men’s Ornaments

Nowadays not only women, but men are also wearing ornaments on different parts of the body. In ancient time there was a system of wearing ornaments on arm, neck and ear. People of royal family used to wear necklaces that were made of gold and other precious stones.

But the system gradually waned. The only ornament left for a man was his classic watch. But nowadays men who love trendy fashion are wearing ornaments made both with costly and cheap metal and stone. Man’s favorite ornaments are bracelets, chains and rings. Man’s ideal fashion accessories are those which can make a man stylish but not over decorated.

Men’s bracelet is no doubt a favorite ornament. It is available in different materials. Few are very cheap and can be worn by all. Bracelets that go best with trendy dresses are made of glass, leather and wood. Among metals, silver bracelets go well with casual dresses like jeans. But for formal purpose, wear bracelets that are made of costly metals such as gold and platinum.

Precious or semi precious stones may be used in the ornament. But too much color in a man’s bracelet does not look good. One single color such as golden, silver, brown, or gray is the ideal color of the man. Design of a man’s ornament should be as simple as possible. But while choosing the design of the bracelet, keep one thing in mind that it does match with other accessories and the attire itself.

If you are a stylish man you may wear a necklace. For a man, bold, simple and single color necklace goes well. Man’s necklace is available in wood and metal. If you go for the wooden beads necklace then prefer the natural color of the beads. What you can do is just get the variation of brown.

Neutral color goes well with the men’s attire such as t-shirt, plain long shirt, half shirt etc. Necklaces add that little bit of sex appeal to a man’s personality whereas metal chains made of gold, silver and platinum adds a touch of boldness.

Wearing earrings is also man’s fashion. Men generally pierce one ear and wear gem studded earrings. Sometimes they pierce both ears. Men wear rings also. Generally metal rings or big gem rings are appropriate for men.