Mineral Make-Up VS Permanent Make-Up

What is Mineral Make-Up?

Mineral make-up is the buzzword in the beauty industry at the moment, and is perfect for all skin types, tones and ages. When choosing Mineral make-up, look for ones that are preservative free, fragrance-free and dermatologically tested. Mineral Make-Up is based on a hypoallergenic loose powder that naturally nourishes the skin. Mineral Make-Up is best suited for those with sensitive skin.

There are n numbers of women who have sensitive skin or are suffering from acne or any other skin problem. Little make up applied to their face gives them rashes, dryness, allergy or redness. But with Mineral make-up their skin is protected as it let you enhance your skin care. It gives your skin a very natural look. Here are a few Advantages ofusing Mineral make-up:

1. It gives you a natural look and feel because of its light weight.
2. It is best for sensitive skin.
3. There are no harmful ingredients in it.
4. It is anti-inflammatory.
5. It works on everyone.
6. It works in every climate.
7. It acts as natural sun screen.

What is Permanent Make-Up?

A Permanent make-up is tattooed on the skin, usually to shape sparse brows, line the eyes and work round the lip line. Unfortunately it lasts forever, though the shades you have chosen may lighten slightly.

If you are thinking of getting a permanent make-up tattoo to follow a trend, my advice would be: Don’t go for it. The beauty of make-up that you apply everyday is that you can choose your look depending on your mood. Here are a few Disadvantages of using Permanent make-up:

1. It something goes wrong then it would be permanent. So unless you re sure, you should not go for it.
2. There is possibility of usage of contaminated instruments during surgery. It can transmit quite infectious diseases.
3. During the procedure there might be some bleeding or bruising. There is of course risk involved.
4. The risk doubles if the person giving you Permanent make-up is an untrained.
5. It is quite expensive. The average cost of applying Permanent Make-Up ranges from rupees fifteen thousand to rupees forty thousand.

Kriti Verma