Most Fashionable Ways To Wear Black Leggings

Leggings are extremely popular tight fitting leg wears which are either used as an extra layering under short skirts or dresses or as a protection from cold. These are cozy fitting leg garments, which can flatter your look with the stylish fitting features that it offers. They can be worn by everyone and anyone irrespective of their age and physical feature.

These are available in lots of colors and can be matched with your top or dress accordingly. The black leggings are the most popular and the most versatile of the lot as they can match any dress and color motives. They produce a visual effect that lengthens and provide a slimming effect to the lower part of the body.

They can be worn in different styles to further enhance your outfit. In this article we will be discussing some of the tips on different ways to wear black leggings in style.

Basic Tips To Be Followed When Wearing Black Leggings

While black is the most popular color for using in leggings, they can be worn in various lengths and styles. Depending on your physical features and the type of dress that you wish to complement it with, choose the length of the leggings.

For example, short leggings will go well with bloomer tops and skinny girls will look well with calf length leggings. Shorter girl might however start to look fat and wide with calf length leggings. Ankle length leggings go with all dresses and can be worn with short skirts or tops.

It is therefore important for you to invest in the right pair of black leggings as per the kind of cloths that you like to wear and what length your physique supports. These leggings can be customized as per your likings or simply worn as a casual outfit.

How To Wear Black Leggings?

The versatility of the leggings offers different ways of wearing black leggings as per individual comfort and choice.


If you are not very fussy about your looks and prefer a casual look rather than always remaining dressed up then pairing black leggings worn under a long cardigan or button-up top will give you the perfect casual look that you desire and are comfortable in.

If you are using black leggings as an extra layer of covering to your short dress then make sure that you are wearing a dress or a top that has enough length to cover your backside as well as the heavy top of your thighs. If you are one of those who like to flaunt the perfect figures of yours then a dark colored top paired with sleek, dark shoes will go well with the black leggings.

While black leggings are themselves known to have a slimming effect on the physique, head-to-toe dark attire will further make your appearance lean and sleek. The use of leggings becomes gratifying when worn as an undergarment. This covers all the areas that you do not wish to expose.

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The black leggings can also be judiciously used to transform the warm weathered cloths in to cloths for the cooler seasons. Use black leggings under a short and casual denim dress so that your legs are kept warm without having to invest on an extra pair of socks. To get complete attire for the winter finish your casual look with season-made boots or shoes.

Black leggings are also used popularly as a sport option. They being comfortable and having tight fittings are easy to wear and offer substantial cover when playing a game. These leggings being stretchable make it easy for the sportsmen to have flexible movements.

Flashy Look With Black Leggings

You can also make your black leggings look more sophisticated and sleek by wearing them with a knee length dress and adding a pair of boots to it. Leggings are the best options available as an addition to your knee length loose fit dress as they do not make you look wide or fat.

While wearing a chunky top with loose leggings will make you look fatter, black leggings will slim you instead irrespective of how fat you are in general. Black leggings can be worn underneath any dress to add to the sleekness as they balance the proportions of a loose fit large top.

Snug fitting boots work well with tight black leggings and adds a charm to the entire attire. While tugging pants ends in to the boot can be a little tiresome, leggings can be easily tugged in to them imparting a very smart look.Leggings can also be worn as an evening wear

Realizing the importance of leggings in making your attire complete and chic, manufacturers have come out with colored and designer leggings that can be worn as a party wear. You can either pair black leggings with a long glitzy top or you can go the other way round and wear designer black leggings with gold and glitzy motives with a simple top.

If you are using a plain black legging then the subdued style of the leggings will have a counter affect on the flashy detailed top. This will help to balance your look while ensuring that you are not overdone for an evening wear. Satin and velvet black leggings are becoming popular and can be matched with simple plain tops or very fine sequenced tops to produce that classy look.

The black leggings are now available in different motives and patterns and can be used variably in making your dress for the evening look very attractive. How you pair the leggings with the attire will be an important factor that will decide the end result.

Since simple leggings have a very subdued appearance therefore using them with some chick tops will add a glamorous look to your evening dress. Further accessorize your evening dress with a matching hand bag and jewelries to overcome the subdued prints of the black leggings.

Black leggings were popular attire that first made their appearance in the world of fashion in the 1980’s.These leggings are basically made up of Lycra and being flexible and versatile in use the leggings have maintained their popularity till now.

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