Nail Art Ideas

There are many tips and tricks you can use to adorn and embellish your nails further. Firstly, you should know how to apply nail polish the right way to enhance your style can be tricky.

Trendy nail art is also catching up. Let’s get an overview of  some basic nail fashion rules.

Firstly, you should select the right nail polish shade for yourself. The shade you wear should be in sync with the tone of your skin. You can have a warm, neutral or cool skin tone. If you have a cool tone, then colors like deep red, plum, silver, white, black, green, navy, teal, orange, burgundy, light pink will look good on you.

People with a neutral tone should opt for pale pink, bright pink, mauve, gray, teal, lime green, light blue golden, brown or nude. While, rose, indigo, lime, light purple, light blue and porcelain suit people with a warm tone.

You can also pick colors that go with your personality, outfits or your style. People who tend to wear wear sporty and bohemian outfits can easily carry off colors like electric blue, sunny yellow, black, plum etc. However, if you are very feminine wear pinks, purples, classic red etc. Matte shades look good on everyone, but do not wear them for a formal party. You will look dull otherwise.

You can experiment a lot with your nails these days. There is fancy nail art available everywhere. Neon colors and nail enamels with glitter are a terrific choice. You can buy ready to wear nail tattoos, gems, nail extensions etc. False nails are available with artistic patterns.

You could also paint your nails with different colors. Try painting each nail in a different color. Otherwise, you can apply more than one shade on the same nail, either lengthwise, along the width or even diagonally.

If you want a really different shade of nail enamel, you can try making one at home also. This is also a budget friendly way to paint your nails. You will need a wax paper for this. Keep ready at hand the shades of nail polish you want to use. In addition, always have a black and white nail paint nearby while doing this.

This helps you to darken or lighten the color as per your choice. Pour a few drops of the first nail enamel on the wax paper. Then, blend in another color on the wax paper. Continue to blend till you have the color you desire. Remember the proportion in which you mixed the colors.