Nail Spa Salon Treatments

A basic regimen to take care of your hands and to keep them soft and supple requires a visit to your manicurist at a nail salon of your choice. Knowing the kind of nail spa you want , makes the experience of getting a manicure better.

There are various kinds of nail spa salon treatments depending upon your requirement – dry hands or brittle nails require different kinds of manicures.  A good manicure will leave you with beautiful, soft hands and polished and perfectly shaped nails.

The basic American manicure consists of softening and exfoliating the cuticles and shaping the nails into the natural shape of the fingertip. The manicure involves dipping one’s hands into a softening solution for a few minutes, which are then scrubbed and filed and massaged with a moisturizing cream to retain suppleness.

Another popular kind of manicure is the French manicure which is mostly to do with the kind of nail colour it involves. The nails are painted in a light pink, transparent coating with the tips of the fingernails painted white.

The French manicure can be done before attending formal events like interviews and the likes for a toned down, polished and well put together look.

Luxury nail spa salon treatments available these days go beyond simple nail manicures. Luxury nail spa treatments like the Paraffin wax manicure and the Hot Stone Manicure are mini-spa treatments for the hands.

In the Paraffin wax manicure, the hands are slathered and massaged with warm paraffin wax specially designed for use on skin, to soften and give a deep hydrating treatment to dry and rough hands.

The manicure also involves wrapping the wax massaged hands with warm cloth or warm mittens to increase absorption of the moisturizing products and hydration of the cuticles and the skin of the hands as well as the arms.

Hot Stone manicures are truly an indulgence as they feel like spa treatments and leave you completely relaxed and soothed. This nail spa treatment involves a relaxing hand massage in which the manicurist focuses on massaging the pressure points on the palms of the hands according to reflexology for a blissful experience that will make you come back again and again.

Maneesha Tiwari